wednesday wishes - a job!


i dont have too extensive of a wednesday wishes this week seeing as how black friday got me all but one of my christmas presents which i got early.i got a brother sewing machine and a new printer and a few other small things that i needed! now all i need is a digial camera and i'll be set! yay for my wonderful husband!

but my one real wish for wednesday wishes is that i get a job today! im applying at a few places to try and get a little extra cash before the holidays. so i'll be busy with that most of today while my mom babysits.

This is why i love my inlaws so much! lol

we had a lovely thanksgiving and since arriving home from all the hustle and bustle i've been decorating for christmas like crazy. i'll show you soon!

Here's a peak at what i've been busy doing, other than massive amounts of baking.


sorry for the terrible photos... like i said, i need a camera. =) anyways, ta ta guys and wish me luck in the job hunt!

kat ann

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