fetish friday- hello again. =)

hello again. its been a bit, but here i am again. work has been busy and i have great news! I got a new car finally! yay! it feels great to be mobile again. I wanted an XB but ended up getting a TC instead. woohoo! all the local thrift stores better watch out for me. this means, a much over due trip to austin and missouri soon! =)

so for this weeks fetish friday I have a few goodies. this morning on the the dainty squid kayla posted this picture of a whale house via moxette and i nearly passed out haha. its so great!

BBQ. what i love most about texas and/or summer is BBQ!! (i apologize this picture might be graphic if you are a vegetarian lol) We had bbq sandwhiches on valentines day and i've been wanting it since. can't wait for it to warm up.

flat faced kittys! nate and i have been thinking about getting another cat and he insists on a persian (flat faced) type. lol they're so silly.

and current obsession: Spartacus: God's of the Arena. I have an extremely weak spot for ANYTHING set in the roman/greek period. this show is amazing.. and quite graphic lol. definitely not rated PG.

LOVE these hooks from anthropologie:

found via apartment therapy.

well that's about it for this week. this girls got errands to run and exploring to do before work! sometime soon i'll have to show a peak of some of the art i've been working on. hint: its tenacly. hahaa. tata hope everyone has a lovely safe weekend

kat ann


happy late valentines day!

Happy late valentine's day! I would have posted yesterday but I was stuck working a split shift! boo! but i made pretty good money so I can't complain!

I'm not big on celebrating to be honest, i think it's kind of a lame thing to waste money one things that don't last longer that a few days, BUT i was still very excited to receive flowers, candy and the cutest owl card ever! My husband knows me all too well.  I've spent most of today baking up goodies for us tonight.  I've been doing good in the losing weight department (15 lbs since December!) so I'll splurge a bit and eat what I want tonight! :P

In other news, I should be getting my new car in the next week or so! I'm so excited to be mobile again, and not just walking haha.  All of my favorite places are in walking/biking distance of my house, but let's face it, I need a car lol.  People probably think I'm homeless. And my husband acquired this little treasure this past week:

He has now convinced me that I will be needing a vespa very soon now that he has a bike.  Haha. We'll see about that. Anyways, hope every one is swell. =)

kat ann


off off.

off work that is. =) for the next two days that is.  and so is my hubby. very exciting! we went and had our taxes done and then went by the animal shelter and found the cutest little puppy! his name now is officially Buckley! He's the sweetest, most playful little guy. Squid isn't exactly thrilled but, she'll live.

We're in the car shopping market right now until our income tax comes in. I've got my eye on a certain car... okay basically I found my dream car, but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. I might die of happiness if I get it though.

Texas is due for snow AGAIN tomorrow so Nate may end up being off with me again tomorrow. Hopefully its not too bad because i have hair appointment tomorrow and i'm getting bangs! its a very important day lol. Anyhooo.. I'm off to feed my addiction to my new wii fit. =)


kat ann


iced in.

 Even though Texas is experiencing snow part 2 this week, I'm excited about my new flowers we found poking through in our flower bed. I was thrilled to see that someone had planted some before we moved here. We're not sure what they are, but I can't wait for them to bloom! It seems like all of my blog friends around the country are snowed in too! Hope you are all staying warm and snuggly!

In other news, Nate's been off the past two days with me because of weather so we've been staying warm inside watching movies, playing with play dough and testing out the new wii fit that we bought. Needless to say, its entertaining just watching other people do it lol.