fetish friday: famous workspaces.

so while rummaging around the internet and apartment therapy this week i came across a blog about famous artists and writers work spaces.
i really love roald dahl's writing hut.

Virginia Woolf's writing shed.

and i would die from happiness if i had mark twains writing hut in my backyard.

but of course my all time favorite would have to be andy warhol's Factory. Covered in tin foil and filled will sorts of interesting and eccentric people. It's really the kind of environment I'd love to work in.... minus the drugs and nudity lol. hey, bob dylan and david bowie can come chill in my office any time. lol

BUT i think i may have found the inspiration for my whole house. BETSEY JOHNSON you seriously rule. im in love with this pink and yellow color scheme.


getting crafty & new treasures!


Halloween is close!!! and so is my 21st birthday! we've got big plans and my mind has been racing and imagining all week so far. ive got a ton of projects and things ive been working on that im excited to share. Like above, conrad and i decided to gather some sticks out of the yard and painted them halloween and fall colors! such an easy way to add some festivity to the house! we have nicknamed it the "Tim Burton Tree". I'm sure you could make a really easy simple wreath the same way! I also have a blog that I have been working on with my sister in law for her cake making business. she is fantastic and once it is up and running I can't wait to share it with you!

i managed to gather a few great little treasures over the past few weeks that id like to share as well. =)

Photo 413

conrads new bomber jacket! i scored this for $5!! its a bit big right now, but at least he can wear it forever. its adorable. his daddy had one just like it!

Photo 417

this camera! its an old minolta. shes a beauty. i cant wait to get some film and figure out how to get batteries for it.



meet lou 2. (the white one) a few years back my best friend hit the owl motherload at an antique store in dallas for my birthday. (isnt my best friend the best?). she gave me Lou 1. well this past weekend nate stumbled upon this little guy. We noticed it was signed Lou just like the first and HAD to buy it and figure out where they were from. this one had a business card on the back. apparently it was a little studio in Garland TX that made these in the 70's and you can still get custom orders done today! sweeetness. it was so exciting!

its almost the weekend! woo!
ta ta for now.


life lessons: failure.

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
Bill Cosby

Today I had quite an epiphany. A while back I had started some design work for a client who I knew on a personal level. This certain client has a spectacular, successful new business. I was excited because this was a great opportunity for me to help someone I knew and to get a great piece added to my portfolio. Needless to say, what ended up happening was that they used my design for a while and it ended up not being what exactly what they wanted and they ended up getting a new designer a year later. and I wasn't used to that. I felt as though I had let them down and myself down as an artist and a designer. I felt like a failure, even though it was one client and one project. This company now has a spectacular web site up and is very well done and creative. And I guess that's just how it goes. The worst part was that I knew I couldn't done better or tried harder. It made me question whether or not this was what I was meant to do. It made me question whether or not I WANTED to do this the rest of my life.

Some people will like you, but it wont be right for them. Some people will hate you. Some people will love you.

I've had very little formal training and have been 99% self trained, so I have always felt a little bit at a disadvantage or a little unsure of myself as an artist. My "Achilles heel" so to speak. But after lots of thought and praying and working things out in my head (and through this blog) I've realized that failure and rejection are a simple part of the learning process and the growing process. Sometimes it's a good thing for you to be "just not what we are looking for". It's a good thing to fail sometimes. It gives you a chance to step back and look at yourself and what you do with a critical eye.

But today, I'm officially dusting my shoulders off. I dont tend to write about personal things, but I felt that this may be able to relate with some of you who have ever faced the same problems. Have you ever felt like giving up or failed at something, how did you deal with it? what epiphanies did you experience? What did you learn? I'd love to hear!

Ta Ta for now.


fetish friday - some urban decor love and journals.

i have to just share with you all that since discovering emma's blog, i have been so inspired. she finds and takes the most beautiful photos and little treasures. I'm always sharing things from her blog (even this post) so check her out! shes awesome!

ive seen this diary from frankie's all around the blog world and was finally like "okay whats up with this thing?" well its adorable and awesome! thats what! i want to make one of my own!

I want everything in this room. Especially the owl letter holder and comforter.

and maybe these curtains too. lol

this owl picture frame is adorable.

yay for the weekend! no plans, but its exciting.


fetish friday.

this entire outfit from Little House Clothing is drool worthy, but im especially in love with the hair.

these plates! omg.

i was really happy when i saw allister ann's blog post about stanley kubrik. im a huge fan of his films and i wasnt aware of his photography days. his stuff is epic.

im excited because i get to spend the day with my best friend who i havent seen in a while. its welllll overdue. i see a picnic in the works possibly. its a lovely day for one. long weekend ahead, celebrating my fathers birthday. im excited about a mini getaway next weekend to arkansas to explore and thrift! there's nothing i love more than going to a new place and just exploring around with no time constraints or responsibilities. =) im one happy gal. have a wonderful weekend everyone.

ta ta


todays therapy...


the cold war kids.
karen O and the kids.
& miike snow.

Photo 338

needless to say i feel better. today has just been one of those days. so i made myself break out the pencils, water color and pens and go to work. i burned some sage incense and tried to relax.

Photo 340

here's today creation/self therapy.


sneak peak!

Photo 353

Photo 326

as promised, i wanted to give you a little sneak peak at our new house. im having a hard time finding the right place for things and getting settled in because im not accustomed to all this space lol! so its going to be a while before its going to be really "us", but we've got some GREAT ideas.

Photo 329

Photo 348

Photo 347

here's my new lovely desk courtesy of my mom in law. my office has all wood paneled walls which i love. and the cutest old long windows that you have to turn a crank to open. i guess technically this room was designed to be a dining room or den because it has a built in buffet which is homing my books and nate's star wars memorabilia nicely lol.

Photo 351

and the view from my kitchen sink. my owl salt shakers have a home!

Photo 354

Photo 342

also, when we moved in this old school video game was in the house! we thought it was broken but nate figured out how to fix it and now it works! it so much fun! plus it also serves as a table when not in use!

Photo 328

my lovely pink sideboard with our first coat of blue paint for the kitchen.

well thats all for now. im ready to have this place finished! ta ta folks.



we had a long and eventful weekend. unfortunately we had a death on my husbands side of the family so we spent saturday night/sunday morning out at my husband's grandparents for a memorial get together and bonfire. there was a great turn out and the memorial service was beautiful with acoustic music and lots of good stories. We will miss you James!

Saturday evening was a great night around the bonfire with close family and friends and it was exactly what James would have wanted. I met a few neat people and conrad had a blast with all the other kiddos.

Sunday we spent the afternoon at the pumpkin patch down the street going on hay rides and letting the kiddos play on the hay bales and in the bounce houses. conrad was a bit of chicken about the bounce houses though. lol im so excited that its fall! its been so lovely! all the colors are exciting!

i married into the greatest families! I have the greatest inlaws and nieces and nephews! Most of these pictures were taken by my sister in law Regina so thanks to her for letting me steal them for a bit!


fetish friday! arrow tutorial and stamps!

in digging around trying to find cute new ideas for conrad's room i came across something. i just HAD to share this tutorial from danielle thompson over at thompson family-life. As soon as I get my materials together I'll definitely be doing this.

Another little jewel I found this past week over at Ohdeeoh.com. You might remember my first attempt at stamp making (outside of high school art) a while back. needless to say it was a pain in the butt, so this find was exciting for me as i do not want to carve linoleum again for a while!

Meet stamp making with molding clay!

I am SO SO excited to try this. it sounds like so much fun and would be super easy for kids to use.

in the house nesting state of mind i have been in lately, i think i may have found the perfect little room ever. courtesy of Apartment Therapy


call me weird, but after watching the new star trek movie i think i have developed a little crush on the new Spock. haha. i guess im just quite a nerd. so my friday favorites person this week is going to be Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Sometime this weekend I plan on giving you a sneak peak at the new casa de curling. im excited. we've (well nate) have been painting the kitchen and picking out colors for the other rooms. its going to be a bright home, to say the least, but hey thats us. =) ta ta til then folks. hope you all have a lovely and safe weekend.