thank you, and you. and you. oh and you.

I came across a blog the other day about thanking the people in your life that mean a lot to you in special or unique way (if that was your blog please let me know because I totally lost track of the blog). this sounded like a great idea to me. i like to surprise people and make them feel special, so this week i've had this scheme cooking up in my brain of how, when and where to do this. I encourage you all to do something similar to let everyone you know how much you appreciate them and love them, whether its just leaving a note or something. i chose post its. =)

i hid one in my husband's pocket.
while visiting family today I plan to sneak several into their vehicles, rooms, pockets, etc. i can be quite sneaky, which is funny because im so clumsy haha.

on top of that, id like to share a list of the things i am very thankful for:

Photo 517
1. my beautiful son. words cannot say the way you have changed my world and warmed my heart.
2. my husband: you keep me entertained. you love me unconditionally, even when im at my worst and encourage me to follow my dreams. i adore you.
3. my parents and brother. im so thankful for their help and love! i can always depend on them, whether it be for a baby sitter, a pep talk or just good company.
4. My inlaws - i married into a family that i cannot even tell you how amazing they are. the are the most kind hearted and loving people in the world.
5. my new home and life that God has given me. i feel so blessed to have moved into a home that seems so perfect for us and the new journey we are on in life.
6. my best friends, although we are all busy and are miles apart, we get each other. without you, i might be void of my sanity.
7. mexican food and coffee!
8. the freedom that i have to do the things i want and to express myself.
9. my cats, for all the giggles and cuddles.
10. all the beauty in this world that inspires me, keeps me going and pushes me to create and explore.

now i have a lot to get done. ive got a kiddo that ive gotta get into his bath and i have to try to beat the husband awake. haha. everyone be safe today on the road and get lots of food in their belly!

God bless & ta ta!

kat ann


wednesday wishes, giving to others.

i hope everyone is being safe as they travel these next few days! pray you all make it to and home safely!

this week's wish list is more of a "giving" type. things id like for others.

ive got christmas on the brain already and like all parents i want to spoil my kiddo so i have some toys in mind..

like this little 4 wheeler for conrad to tear around the backyard in. =) it makes me smile thinking about him riding it already.

and of course some cute clothes!

This rad Boba Fett pop art print! My husband is obsessed with Star Wars and this would be a perfect gift for him. (luckily he doesnt read the blog often, in case i get it for him!)

Laminate Wood Flooring

if i had a ton of money id buy my parents brand new sweet wooden floors for their entire house. someday hopefully i will!

I saw thses CUTE robots on etsy today and immediately wanted to get this for my best friend.

last but not least, I'm ready for thanksgiving dinner! yum! we are spending the night at my mother in laws tonight, going to my dad's aunts in the morning for brunch and then back to my mother in laws to eat even more. I'm bring cake balls and mini cheese cakes! =)

ta ta guys. be safe and get full!

kat ann


color obsession

im studying off and on to become a graphic and web designer. I say off and on because throw a baby in there and moving around and you have complete chaos haha. I started teaching myself HTML and photoshop when i was in elementary and jr high. I kid you not, I was a nerd. I learned by making web sites dedicated to my favorite boy bands like Nsync. Wow, HUGE skeleton just came out of the closet. I was way, way TOO into Nsync at one point in my life. But that's another story. lol


Ever since I began working to be an artist and designer I have been obsessed with color and color combinations ridiculous patterns and textures. Not just, oh that's a pretty color, but taking a picture and dwelling on that color all day and incorporating it into everything I make that week and everything I wear and buy. Unconsciously I will buy and wear only clothes and jewelry in that color. It's funny, once I realized I did this. BUT I guess its a very useful tool being in a creative field. I live and breathe color and textures. In my opinion the color palette of a design, fashion line, room or art piece is what gives the biggest impact.

I love going to thrift stores, flea markets and old houses specifically to check out what old things I can find and their colors! The 40's-60's hold a special place in my heart when it comes to colors and patterns. The burnt oranges & yellows. The pea greens and baby blues. The baby pinks and turquoise. Since the first time I saw The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tennenbaum's and The Darjeeling Limited I was hooked on those color palettes. Red, light blue and yellow have become my favorite color palette.

why am I telling you this? i dont know. i just feel that color should be celebrated and embraced i suppose. if you know that color absorbs my world, than i guess you'll understand me quite a bit more. what are your favorite color combinations?


fetish friday

ever since i discovered Mochimochi Land's blog I've been in love. If you have been over there check it out! These are some of the cutest crocheted little items I've ever seen!

Also, I'm a bit obsessed with crocheted cat clothing and hats lately.. i mean, they need to stay warm to right? Well this reindeer hat by scooterKnits is perfect!

Last night I stumbled across Lauren Moffatt's The Honeymooner look book on A Beautiful Mess and had to further investigate. This line is DIVINE. i would love to have this dress or really any of the pieces featured with this print.

also, what im bingeing on lately is cardboard! its such a great medium to work with and you can find it everywhere. you never run out. (Plus I've been trying to find a way to get rid of all the packing boxes i have left. lol) I've been a busy busy so expect a peak of what I've been working on very soon! hope everyone has a swell weekend!


wednesday wishes.

i actually pulled out all of my holiday decorations today! its not even thanksgiving yet, but this is probably going to be the most exciting christmas so far! conrad is 2 and totally knows whats up and that inside that pretty paper are toys and cool stuff! lol so ive got a few etsy finds that are on my decor wishlist! I have decided that this year I'm going to start collecting nutcrackers of all shapes, sizes and origins!

My nutcracker collection was featured on the Etsy Storque!

this beautiful felt banner/garland from Monkey Puzzle LOVVVVVE IT!

im set on knowing that i will forever be a kid, and a dream of mine is to have a photobooth in my house! a vintage one would be swell! this one is drool worthy.

A tree house for big kids, and of course the little kids too. id live in a tree house. straight up. this is dreamy.

xB san diego show

and last but not least, my dream car.. that i will have hopefully sometime next year!


baby birthdays & lovely people.

we had quite a busy weekend with our little family. Saturday we went out for a little bit of a late birthday dinner between nate and i. (my birthday was the first and this is the first time we've been alone lol!) Sunday was the adorable little Adalynn's first birthday! Now it's already decided that Conrad and she have a pre arranged marriage. She is just the cutest little girl in the world! I love her to death! I handmade a few hair clips and headbands for her birthday that turned out well for my first real whack at it.

Conrad cloud watching! It always makes me happy to see Conrad so social and making people laugh but at the same time being a little shy and playing by himself. I'm a proud momma.

A lot of old friends were at the party that have been very missed! It was so great to see everyone! Our friends Chase & Allie even brought me a late birthday present that i am in LOVE with.

Photo 495

Could there be a better gift? Thanks Chase & Allie! I can't wait to feel this up with great memories, dreams and inspiration. I'm definitely thinking about starting a 21 before i'm 22 list like Elsie did and posted about. It's a lovely way to set goals! I find that I dont accomplish what I want if I dont make a mental list and have the gratification of seeing that goal crossed off the list. (Hence my dry erase board for daily chores etc).

well tata for now. hope everyone had a lovely weekend! yay for turkey coming soon!

kat ann



I"m not sure if you have noticed or not, but the blog is going through a bit of a make over. We'll see where this goes! I apologize for the lack of writing - This cool weather has officially arrived and I've been a little TOO busy reading and renting movies and snuggling on the couch. HA!

But I'd like to take an opportunity to share with you my very very lovely sister in law Connie's new blog! I've had the honor of designing it for her! She has a yummy cake making business that is booming and I have to say I adore her and love her so much! I married into several sisters that I couldn't love more! With that said I bring you : Constantly Cakes!

Picture 1

please check out her lovely cakes and if you are ever in need hit her up!