fa la la la la.... la la la la!

Christmas is so close i can hardly stand it!! Things are going GREAT with my new job and it feels awesome to be working again and helping out. Last night was our Christmas party and the company bought really nice toys for all the kids and gave out bonuses! It was so nice! I feel so blessed to be at a place like this. Most people I know don't even get a christmas bonus at all!

I've been collecting some goodies for Nate and Conrad and I can't wait for Christmas morning to see their faces when they open their presents! I still have quite a bit of shopping to do though!

this weeks wednesday wish list is a few items that are wishful thinking for others or for myself. =)

We already have two around the house but this one is so cute.

I'll dream on on this one but someday!

I really really want these shoes! ah! maybe a present for myself? =)

eeek im ready for christmas!

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