Moving forward...

Hello world.. myself... whoever may read. I wish I could say that I've made more progress in giving the blog a facelift but that would be a lie. I'm working on it I promise. I'm still trying to get a better work ethic going. Life is basically... work work work... and then when work is over all I can do is clean and be lazy. haha. If i could just get a few big ones scratched off the to do list I'd feel soooo relieved.  Something I've been doing lately is forcing myself to cook new things. I tried this recipe two weeks ago and had complete success. It was even given a thumbs up by someone with a taste for real mexican food. This genius Rick Bayless cooks some mean mexican food guys.  I've gotten to know a lot of Hispanic people since I started working at the place I work and lemme tell you, true mexican food is very different then what we know in the US.. or as we know it here in Texas, "Tex-Mex".  This was delicious and pretty easy to make honestly.

Moving on, I'm making a real effort to get back into blogging in more of a personal experience.  I'm more concerned lately with this blog serving as my "idea board" or my inspiration book and for personal growth so to speak. Before it just wasn't MINE enough. =) Here's to moving forward (metaphorical toast goes here)

tata guys.

kat ann