little nooks!

last night was my first night working as a server at Tamollys and not just training, so i was taking all of my own tables etc. It was hectic and crazy because I still don't know everything but, it was fun. This may be my favorite place that I have ever worked! I work again today so my parents are having to keep conrad til nate is off work therefore i have the whole day to myself! I'm locking myself in my studio all day jamming broken social scene with an x-large Monster, painting, compulsive list making and doodling and getting inspired. i may interrupt it for a walk down to the salvation army of course! i love days like this. its like recharging, coming back down to your true self and prepping to lose your mind all over again. =) yay for the weekend!

i'm super blessed to have a ginormous (yes i love that word) studio space, plus a spare bedroom that i can use if i happen to run out of space. its funny because i went from painting on the living room floor in my tiny apartment to having all this space that i barely know what to do with now! BUT, something I have a very soft place in my heart for are little nooklike offices/workspaces. Whether its a walk in closet, a tiny closet, or even just a loft bed with a workspace underneath, there's something so cozy and personal about a space like this. =)

I was inspired by this cozy workspace tour. The little wolf light was the first thing that grabbed my attention, but I love the gray and white and how perfectly organized it is! Please check out the full tour! its inspiring!

The fact that there's a little window in there makes it 13459809583084034 times better!

small office in a closet
This wins as my favorite! those colors and that floral print! DROOL!

A pantry office! love the tree/wood feel. very relaxing.

jenn closet 1

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  1. Ooooh, that baby blue nook reminds me of a giant doll house for some reason? Love it!

    Aoife x