pretty vintage.

looky looky what I've managed to gather lately.

I just love, love, love pretty vintage things. like you, I'm sure. And that's why I like you guys too. I couldn't pass on these adorable pins. Most of them pieces will be going into my shop soon, but a few of them are mine! can you guess what the most expensive item was?

tata for now!


inspiration boards.

i have to admit that there's nothing that gets me, being a complete nerd & aspiring graphic designer, as inspired or as giddy as inspiration boards. they're always full of loveliness and pretty pictures. here's a few that i've come across lately that have melted me.

Emmadime's recent mood board is so dreamy. i love her personal style.

Promise Tangeman's blog is always full of design goodies. she is so very talented and down right awesome inside and out. If there's a gal who i admire and look up to as a designer and person, it's her. hands down.

that's it for today guys.. im off to work. boo paying bills! lol

kat ann


Austin, how i love you.

We arrived back home Sunday evening from Austin. it was wonderful. =) we did lots of window shopping (because i extremely disappointed at how over priced everything was) and went hiking and kayaking! Of course we spent quite a bit of time (and money) on sixth street as well. lol.

The greatest thing about Austin, aside from the obvious food, music, and fashion, is the atmosphere. The people are so chill and inviting and will bend over backwards to help you.  Every corner is covered in beautiful art, interesting people, unique things to buy or fun things to do. Everyone we met and talked to was friendly and generally just great to be around. Anytime we needed directions or asked someone a place to eat or whatever, they'd look it up on their phone for us or print us out directions or even take us there.

My sister in law has a friend that manages a bar and she took us to a great little place to eat and a have a beer. It was a bar and behind it there was a courtyard with its own food trailer that served some food that I was a bit scared to try but I ended up with a Thai chicken meal that was AMAZING. The place  was like a little hidden secret in Austin.

well ta ta for now. i've got lots of catching up to do!
kat ann


typewriters & pretty photos.

its been a while since i've featured a fetish friday post, but it's a bit over due.

A lovely shop i came acorss called craftyFOLK. She has the most darling little pins and brooches as well as other cute items.

just a few pictures from my new favorite blog: Awesome People Hanging Out Together". It is what the title states, awesome people hanging out with eachother. =)

hammocks! especially hammocks indoors like all these lovely ones i found via apartment therapy.


adventures in branding

Here are a few images, inspiration boards, and collages... (okay let's face it, i made a bit of a design "look book") as proof that i'm accomplishing SOMETHING design wise. it's taken me MONTHS to feel like I've been making any progress because I haven't found anything that's FELT right yet. i've been aimlessly designing so to speak. I'll go further into detail about this particular design process in an upcoming "Letters to Art" post.

you can check out my new look for my web site to see a tad bit of my recent adventures in personal branding. Although I'm sure this isn't 100% my permanent place, I'm very comfortable with what has come and where it will lead.

and yes, that is a button that says "shop". i've been keeping the secret for a little while because i wasn't sure if it would happen or not. but i finally decidded to make the plunge into the etsy world. my shop isnt up yet, but it will be soon.

anyhoo its back to the day job part of my life. 1 more day until austin!

tata for now.

kat ann


county fair

there's something extremely romantic and whimsical about fairs and carnivals. every time there's one in town i get butterflies in my stomach thinking about all the lights, the festive atmosphere and of course the ridiculous amount and variety of fried foods. i'm a strong believe in that it doesn't get much better than in texas. =)

last night we took a family outing to the county fair. it was a blast since conrad could actually ride a few of the little kiddo rides. =) he wasn't very thrilled with the mini roller coaster but he loved the ferris wheel and the fun house.

well tata for now.

kat ann


Austin bound....

This coming weekend Nate and I are planning a trip to Austin for our 3 year anniversary. It's about a 4 hour drive from where we are but we're thinking about taking a train! i'm so excited! We've been wanting to go back for quite some time now. Austin was a very special place for us when we were younger. We spent a lot of time there together in high school on theatre trips and it was amazing, magical, lovely, inspiring, dreamy...( i could go on and on).  I've also always wanted to take a train ride somewhere. We're hoping to eventually move there one day so this trip is much over due.  I'm making a mental list of the "musts" while there.. it'll probably only be a weekend trip so we'll be a bit limited.  any suggestions?

I know I'm definitely going to be doing some serious vintage shopping and thifting on SoCo street (South Congress). Especially Charm School Vintage(I WANT EVERYTHING ON THEIR BLOG!!!!), Uncommon Objects and Blue Velvet.

Toy Joy!
Robots Robots Robots
also, have you ever heard of Toy Joy??? word on the street is its phenomenal. Do you SEE that array of robot toys? omg.

there are also a few design/art shows going on that id love to talk nate into going to but we'll see. im reading to hop the train. =) tata for now guys.

kat ann


hot texas days.

DSCN0772DSCN0810DSCN0780DSCN0766DSCN0726 DSCN0712

we spent most of the day inside, but eventually went out to picnic and play in the water to avoid cabin fever.  the puppies even had fun getting wet. needless to say, we were all pooped by the end of it all.

I've been busy still branding/brainstorming and working to plan out "what it is i want to do with my life". i'm pretty dead set on what direction i'm heading so the past few days have been working on logo designs and site ideas. i've also found myself venturing into a endeavor that i wouldnt have thought i would. funny how that happens. anyways, i cant wait to finally show some of these accomplishments to you!

well tata for now. hope you're all staying cool.


inspiration dump.

I always find such lovely photos over at emmadimes pretty blog.

art by amy blackwell.

and a new Julia Pott illustration that i adore.

i hope you find these pictures as swell as i do. well im off to do that domestic housewife thing. tata for now =)

kat ann.