so i posted in last weeks wednesday wishes that i wanted a job... well I got the job I wanted! yay! =) so i'll be even more busy that i was before but that's okay!

I want a whole house by these guys.

basically everything over at their gallery is magical. I don't use that word lightly. i mean MAGICAL! I could live in an entire house designed by them!

these undies for my husband haha.

these owl key covers!!!

these shoes I found over at Emmadime.

something else is wish for this christmas, to throw a class christmas cocktail party, but eveyrone else is throwing so many that I may have to wait until next year! Everyone is having Ugly Sweater Parties, which is the absolute best! I can't wait to go to my first! =)

so this week I want to know what YOU want! Please leave a comment of what's on YOUR wish list this christmas!

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  1. i like the new layout! i haven't had much time to blog but i saw your post on facebook :)

    those are cute shoes and owl key covers! i loove owls. i wanted to throw a cocktail party too, but we're in the middle of moving so we have too many messy boxes and etc around. can't even get a christmas tree :( THAT'S what i want for christmas! a christmas tree. LOL