fetish friday

i started this friday, and am finishing this on saturday. so sue me.

buns, buns, buns.

my hair is about six feet long, well at least it feels like it in the summer, and my all time favorite thing right now is the glorious bun. simple and chic .=) Twist and pin. After finding this cute blog about the perfect bun

via Elsie's Blog, I've literally done this AT LEAST 3 times a week. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE IT.

I also have a thing for braids like this. sometimes I combine the bun and the braid. lol "stay at home mom chic" is what I call that.

keira knightly:
kiera knightley
why not? shes beautiful and british and absolutely amazing. every movie she is in is golden.

music obsession lately: seawolf.! soo good!

pei wei! I could probably eat there every day if I could afford it.

Project Runway: best tv obsession ever.

A great high school friend of mine and Nate's just moved back to Texas with his lovely wife Allie. It's nice to have married friends and even better when they're into the same music, movies and crochet! I'm so happy to have them here! I just adore Allie! I'm stoke because I now have a friend who is equally obsessed with project runway. =) Its unhealthy how much I get into it. We didn't get to watch the season premier last night because the cable company is terrible and its always messing up, but next week hopefully! We did dinner anyways.. I made awesome chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, peas and cheesecake for dessert. We're going to have dinner and project runway night every thursday night now hopefully. =) Yayyyyy!


wednesday wishes & update

It's been over a week (gah!) since I've updated. Lack of time/internet/motivation to go find wifi... you get the story. ANYWAYS I've had a few great adventures since then that I'll be sharing as soon as I get the pictures! (Hint: awesome picnic, lots of goodies given to me by my awesome mother-in-law, and lots of Squid cuteness and birthday decorations. )

Conrad's birthday is in about 2 weeks I'm just about ready to hyperventilate because I have done much else other than plan and dream about it so I better get started! He has also learned to use the big boy potty! So proud of him! Reward a kid with gummy worms and he'll just about anything you want haha. Shh! I didn't say that.

I have to thank God because a lot of wonderful things have come our way lately. A lot of our problems that I had been worrying over have been solved. I feel as though I've had a billion pounds lifted from my shoulders! Thanks God for looking out for us like you always do! He also dropped a brand spanking new king size orthopedic bed on us! Still in the plastic! It's got the memory foam type stuff. We were throwing elbows in the middle of the night in our full size. lol I cant tell you guys how comfortably I've slept since getting it. It's been AMAZING! Which reminds me...

A quick Wednesday wishes:

A new duvet cover and sheets for the new bed! I'd love to have a beautiful one like this from urban outfitters. Our bedroom hasn't really felt like "ours" since moving into the apartment. This bed is making it finally feel like my own.

These cute mustache mugs. I'd like to buy, but I feel a project just coming on. Why not?

Also I think I'd like to have bright yellow in my hair. lol


Meet Squid.

Happy sunday world! I love sundays because they're lazy and full of coffee.
Photo 207

Sorry for the lack of updates I've been busy and distracted. =)
The new addition:


Meet Squid!

Party invitations are out! My first attempt at stamp making with linoleum. It took long enough but I got the grungy look I wanted eventually.

Photo 224

We've been trying to get our car fixed and its nearly done so i'll be mobile again haha. I've been a crochetin fool lately making lots of headbands and berets and what not to try and stock up for opening my etsy store sometime in the near future. I'll have a sneak peak of those soon! but i'll worry about that when the dinosaur madness is over. =) hope everyone's been well! I'm working on another house piece but this time I'll be sticking to my "pen and ink" media. =) we had a fun night celebrating a friends birthday last night... their kiddos are the best. Conrad has so much fun hanging out with them.


I also have to show this awesome little VW Beatle that my best friend brought back from Costa Rica for us! It'll go awesome next to my little bus! She knows me all too well haha.

Photo 223

Tootaloo until next time folks. I promise to try and update more soon!


wednesday wishes.

I hope to switch over to cingular and get an iPhone very very soon.

I want this bed for Conrad now that he’s a big boy. =)

I want a new digital camera since I broke my old one.

An inspirational workspace to paint, draw, doodle and dream. This one is a dream!

Chrysti's Studio

A new sewing machine.

I want my car fixed.

Last but not least, I want to go on a mini trip before school starts. Maybe Austin or somewhere out of state but close. Possibly Oklahoma… I hear there’s a whole highway of nothing but flea markets and thrift stores… hmmm.. maybe Austin & Oklahoma!

All of the above will hopefully be accomplished in the next month or two. How exciting. =) The past few days haven’t been very eventful. I’ve just been brainstorming conrad’s birthday party more and more and finishing up the invitations. I’m going to be a little dinosaured out once this is all said and done. Hope everyone is having a lovely week! Ta ta

Kat Ann


busy momma.

More often then not I get down because I don't feel like I've accomplished much other than doing the dishes and keeping my kiddo fed, but this weekend I can honestly say I've been a busy bee. I finished a painting that I think I'm going to end up cutting out and placing on cardboard:

Photo 197

Completely carved a stamp for Conrad's birthday invitation. I accidentally got a linoleum block instead of a rubber one and that was fun. not. haha. but it was a fun experience and I'm excited to make more, but definitely going with rubber til I get better at it! I'll eventually post a tutorial once I know a bit more about it. It's so much fun printing! I can't wait to learn to screen print! *drool*

Speaking of "drool" and screen printing, THE DAINTY SQUID & DEADWORRY are doing an AWESOME giveaway! Deadworry's t shirts are absolutely amazing. I think my favorite is owlopus.

haha. What could be better than an owl and an octopus hybrid??? C'mon! Anyways tonight shall be full of lots of baking! I really love Kayla from Dainty Squid's method of using gel food coloring to spruce cakes and things up so I think I'm going to try that!

Plus I have my new dinosaur cookie cutters to test out! Expect tons of pictures! Hope everyone is having a safe awesome weekend! Take care!

Kat Ann


fetish friday.

i dont really have a set blog schedule or anything but ive been binging on a lot of things lately so i figured doing "fetish friday" every now and then would be a good opportunity to further prove how absorbed i am in something haha. i'm traveling back to my high school days and reliving my crush on the white stripes. they're wonderful, hence the song. also i adore kooky people. =)

this week (like many other weeks) im binging on Cillian Murphy, one of my favorite actors. Besides being incredibly,ridiculously, insanely handsome, he is an AMAZING actor. I first saw him in the awesome zombie movie 28 Days Later, and it was "love" at first sight haha. Since then he's been in many great movies like The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Red Eye, and my personal favorites Sunshine, Peacock and The Edge of Love. so i tip my hat you my favorite irish artist.

a few other obsessions right now:
-the color orange
-crazy shelves

-photobooths (especially homemade ones like this one at craftzine!)

I definitely plan on making my own photobooth AND an entertainment center like that. how awesome.

busy weekend of birthday planning, baking and hopefully making a few decorations and getting invitations out. the best friend is back from costa rica and im excited to get together with her and hear all about it. we plan on lots of baking and testing out the new dinosaur cookie cutters. everyone have a lovely weekend. happy treasure hunting!


im a dreamer.

Rocky Driftwood Lighthouse

i think my best friend is slowly talking me into moving to portland.

i changed my mind yet again. because that's what i do. You know that whole "i enjoy planning and dreaming about things more than actually doing them" thing? yeah that's me to a T. (apparently i'm too lazy to hit the shift key as well.) i've decided to just enroll into a local community college for the next semester or two instead of racking up more debt at a trade school. once i get those basics out of the way im going to go to texas a&m commerce to finish up. they have a pretty rad art/design program. im impressed. i'd rather do the work i want and slowly get my education for nearly free than be 40k in the hole and not have the time to work now. i dont really need the education so much as i need the degree. art and design is so self taught or natural. anyways, this will give me much needed time and freedom to get my shop open and be the procrastinating little fool that i am. =) A few awesome treasures:

1.) a while back the best friend and i got matching mushroom mugs! b.) my wonderful sister in law rachel informed me these little jewels were at the corner thrift store. theyll be perfect for conrads birthday! YAY for dinosaur cookie cutters!

let me just say that the way that God works is absolutely amazing. HE places us in the locations and around the people that He wants us around. every place and person we meet serves a purpose in our journey on this planet. every experience teaches us a lesson for life and ultimately helps us to grow into the person God wants us to be. i look around outside and see so much beauty that i cannot NOT believe. life is good and life is beautiful. all is full of love and hope and creation.

i need a new camera and phone. blah me for being such a clutz. i manged to break my phone and camera all in a few short weeks. hopefully ill have a phone by the end of the weekend and ill have to be patient on the camera. ive gotta make conrads birthday invitations this weekend and get them out asap. ive gotta make headbands and hair clips and ship some items off. ive gotta finish that painting that is staring at me from the table and make me feel awkward lol. can you tell i've had too much coffee today? anyways im off to finish this spain/germany game. GO SPAIN! Gotta root for the homeland! Here's a peak at the picture im working on:

Photo 134

ALSO, i cant remember for the life of me who i heard about this documentary from but it seriously inspired me to coop myself up in my room and paint for days it was so inspiring. it's a documentary called Beautiful Losers and it's about how influential these artists from the early 90's are/were. so amazing. please watch. if you have netflix you can watch it instantly. :) p.s. it has a great soundtrack.


Oh my owls. =)

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a crazy owl lady. My apartment is littered with them haha. A while back I came across an amazing cutout piece of two owls that immediately inspired a tattoo.

I didn't know who the genius behind this piece was until my husband and I discovered her online gallery today. And it warms my heart and make me happy beyond words. =) My favorites are the owls and the deer, but they're all lovely and and most depict nature scenes and animals. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

So expect a tattoo similar soon! =) This weekend we have all kinds of great plans! We're taking the kiddo to a big fire works show tonight complete with bounce houses and all kinds of goodness and them spending the day with family tomorrow at the lake and shooting off fireworks of our own. This afternoon will be filled with some thrifting and treasure hunting. Wish me luck! Happy 4th of July everyone! Be safe and have fun!


lovely old houses.

Favorite new band without a doubt! They make me want to paint for hours. =)

I have old victorian houses on the brain today. I'm planning on doing a series of drawings and paintings of them. They're so beautiful and have so much detail to them. Houses just aren't built like this anymore. If I were passionate enough to go to school to be an architect this is what I would do. They're always in the most beautiful color combos too! Any of these could easily be my dream home. They have so much character. Okay I'll quit drooling and get back to work. Love you all!

Victorian House #1c
Faithful Citizen



Isn't this lemonade stand just lovely? It just reeks of summer. =)

It's July first which means that I have a little over a month to start planning for Conrad's 2nd birthday. HOW FUN! Of course we are going with a dinosaur theme, that's a given. I've been searching around everywhere for some great decorating ideas and fun things for all the kiddos to do. FYI for anyone coming: it's going to be held Sunday August 8th Place & Time are undecided.

I really loves these colors and those cute bags!

Cute party favors!

I thought this fossil cookies idea was awesome!
Dinosaur Birthday Cupcakes

tiny candy dinosaurs

I'd love for anyone to send me any cute decorating and party ideas. Anything from party favors and decorations to snacks!


EDIT: I just realized that Glenrose Texas is a 2 hour drive from here. Glenrose has this awesome dinosaur park that I remember going to when I was a kid. Why haven't we gone there yet?! Summer trip I say! And we should definitely swing by the Dr. Pepper museum in Dublin on the way.