should i become a sheep herder?

Here a peak of a current work in progress. i've been OBSESSED with working with cardboard and brown paper!!

so happy to be off work today and tomorrow and have an extensive list of things I want to accomplish (house clean, business cards for my dad, etc)... we'll see how far i get on that list, but i've been so inspired lately by so many things.  i've been a busy bee in my sketchbook. maybe i just wont go back into work thursday? i think that's what i should do! i'm sure nate feels differently. ha.

need something that reeks of cuteness?  well here's some pictures of oscar. its ridiculous how much he has changed and opened up. (aside from him constantly trying to go outside.) our dog buckley and he play like they're both dogs. its adorable!

today a friend of mine posted this video on facebook. it makes sheep herding look kind of magical haha. although im a bit skeptical of the legitimacy of a few parts, its still awesome.

well ta ta for now folks. -kat ann


pretty things.

im in love with my new sunglasses from forever21. 

and these pretty slightly vintage keds i picked up at the thrift store.. they're a 6 1/2 so they're a bit small. but they'll make someone who shares my love of bright shoes very happy. =)

you cant really see it but there were quite a few birds nests up there. it just seemed like a great texas photo haha.

yesterday at the flea market nate picked these up!! yes, rollerskates in my size! for $5! they're in mint condition too! they're selling for $50 and up on ebay. im so stoked. i think its time to join a roller derby team finally!

and mr nate has found a new hobby that he is quite the "g" at. He's refurbishing old bikes. He picked this one up yesterday for $5. it's got quite a bit of charm already so I can't wait to see what he's going to do with it

ive been doing a lot of thinking lately about my job and have gotten to the point where i need a change. im working 40 hours a week 5 days a week ( split shifts, 2-9's) and its making me feel like a bad mom.. i need a better schedule. so we'll see what happens in the area. lol why cant i just sit around and paint and design things and have someone pay me to do that? oh wait, i can someday! (hurry up degree) 

tata for now.
kat ann


i really, really, REALLY want to go camping.

from http://justlittlethings.tumblr.com/page/3

found via: http://goranaa.tumblr.com/

found via weheartit.com

found via : http://fuck-yeahcamping.tumblr.com/page/2

i cant wait to take conrad camping sometime soon. i need an escape from the digital/normal world for a bit. lets see if i can get a week off though haha. p.s. we have quite a trip planned for our anniversary in two weeks. ekkk!!!!


meet oscar

we recently added a new addition to the family. His name is Oscar. Let me tell you that I have never seen a kitten so in love with a toddler. Usually they run for the hills when Conrad comes running at them but this little guy loves it and just plays right back and will even snuggle with conrad. =) how adorable. (p.s. somebody is getting chunky.)

we've had a successful few thrifting trips recently as well. i've been gathering lots of vintage clothes lately especially shoes like the ones above. im dreaming of selling vintage soon. =)

and this is what has taken up my office recently lol.
well tata for now. hope all is well in your part of the world.


silja goetz. a style i admire.

a year or two ago i fell in love with a tutorial that silja goetz did for computer arts magazine and ever since i've admired her work and particular style. i love how she mixes so many real elements, textures and objects into her digital work. its definitely a style i would love to share with her one day.

holy crap what i wouldn't give for a semester in a class taught by her. I'm not sure why I have been so draw to illustrators lately... considering web design is my primary focus. maybe a career change? im thinking so haha.

(all images credited to her site http://www.siljagoetz.xom)


moving along..

im pretty excited to be bettering myself professionally with starting school and what not, but im extremely excited to have gotten started on my online portfolio over at cargocollective.com. Most of these pieces are simply sketches and a few pieces up are very close to my heart. Obviously I still have so much work to do, but if feels good to be taking steps in the right direction no matter how tiny.

anyways, im off to be a busy little bee on my 3 days off!


Dallas World Aquarium

A couple of weeks ago Conrad and I took a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was a blast for both of us. He was so stoked about everything. It blew his mind. =) It's so much fun to see your kid so excited about something.


im proud to finally be able to say that i bought katcurling.com and am in the process of getting the site together. its a tiny but monumental step for me in getting where i need to be and want to be... but no matter what i do i still feel unfulfilled (creatively, emotionally, personally blah blah). all i can think of doing is just making things and creating and no matter what i do its not good enough and i have to keep doing more. its not very satisfying. i need to have more confidence in what i do. so this week ill be working myself to death and racking my brain trying to get a portfolio together.

anyhoo conrad and i are off for some fresh air and adventuring!