last week we .....#4

last week we...

1// we got a new kitty which conrad has named Nini. (nee-nee).
2// we did lots of bike riding because my sweet man bought me a new bike. my old one got left behind at my old house and began to deteriorate somehow by the time I could get it.
3//  watched men in black 3 and it was awesome. I'm a huge fan of Will Smith. Don't know what it is about his movies but they're always so good. I'm a fan from the Fresh Prince days. =)
4//  I did some INTENSE resume/portfolio work in hopes of landing a new job soon! *fingers crossed*
5// drank lots of iced tea and had lunch on the back porch. Unfortunately the wind blew my table over today and shatter the glass top on tuesday. =(
6// lots of water sprinkler fun.
7// picked some yummy veggies out of my parents garden,
8//  Conrad had some memorial day fun on the boat at my parents, while sadly I had to work all weekend. boo!


rainy day dates

So its almost June and it is FREEZING and rainy today in Texas. =) This is EXACTLY my kind of day.  I'm excited for many reasons, one being that I can wear this sweater that I bought on the Target clearance for $4.98.  It's a fact that anything mustard yellow I buy haha. =)

Second reason being, this is a perfect kind of day to spend curled up watching a tv show marathon... my personal choice for today is Mad Men. No seriously... I felt completely out of the loop when I discovered this show a four seasons in but I'm HOOKED. I've been watching on netflix for probably a few weeks straight now. It's design, drama, and I think one of the most beautiful eras in American history for design, fashion and culture. *SWOON over those dresses and the architecture and home decor. To sum it up, it's set in the early 1960's in New York with the focus on a talented Ad Agency and one of it's most talented executives Don Draper.

Third reason today is such a great day, my boys are taking me on a date.... by date I mean we are taking Conrad to watch a movie. =) At least this movie is one I want to see more than he does!  I've got lots to catch up on here for this weeks "Last week we".. so stay tuned =)

ta ta

kat ann


summer goals

Summer To Do List 2012

1. mini road trip with the best friend to New Orleans
2. two week vacation with my boyfrend and conrad. ahhh yes!
3. go to six flags and the water park at least 1x
4. have blog/business rebranding complete (almost there)
5. go camping 
6. watch a meteor shower. so excited!!
7. throw a fantastic bbq/birthday party for conrad
8. mini trip to arkansas and oklahoma for nature and thrifting!
9. stop at every carnival/fair i see.

i feel like this list will continue to grow so stay tuned. =) Even though I know this summer will be insanely busy with two college semesters in 9 weeks, i have VOWED to allow as much fun, exploration and magical moments as possible.

do you have any special plans for this summer? or even things you just WISH you could do?


adventures in self branding

 eye candy.... literally.

"To represent me, I made a chocolate packaging with myself as the content. There is infographics inside to represent my skills and assets, which are the 'ingredients'. Giving the receiver a ‘Bite Size’ of me as a teaser, will hopefully leave a good impression and make them wanting to know more about me. Also, a chocolate with my name and logo casted is included in the packaging."


self branding is something I am certainly no stranger too.... I have done MUCHO soul searching in this department over the past few years so i always appreciate when others find creative ways that fuel who they are as a person and designer.


$10 Treasures

Total cost: $5.50 

 I have to say my favorite find was the sun glasses. They were $1.50 and I have worn them daily since finding them. A lot of people when they ask where I got a particular dress or shoes etc... and I tell them I bought it at the thrift store for $1 they simply look at me like I'm an alien or like I just vomited on their shoes or something. Where I am from a lot of people do not thrift religiously like I do which is part of the reason why I was so drawn to the blogging world. Almost EVERYTHING I wear is from a thirft store. Hope you love great finds as much as I do! kat ann


letters to art: blogging

I suppose at some point in time many bloggers consider throwing in the towel for whatever reason, whether it be not having time, not having a clear purpose ad your blog flopping, getting burned out on it or maybe you've even quit because it didn't become what you wanted or go where you wanted. I've had a lot of life changes in the past year that have pushed me to almost quit... I've certainly stopped blogging for months at a time but I've always returned because of that certain level of comfort and release you get from blogging.

I've been too mouthy about the details of my personal life here lately but I got divorced, I moved twice and am finally in a place where I feel settled, comfortable and inspired again. I have an amazing new boyfriend... I have a house that I feel completely at home in. Now I feel its time to really get going on this path that God has blessed me with. I have all the tools I need to succeed. I feel more and more inspired every day to continue blogging and it has truly been therapeutic to continue writing through all the madness. I suppose if anything has remained stable it has been how I feel about sitting down and blogging and getting inspired through others blogs. So thank you blog world!


last week we...

//conrad learned to ride his bike!!!
//watched an incredibly strange movie.
//we watched avengers! it was amazing! nothing as great as taking your son to watch a super hero movie!
//bought lots of pretty plants for the patio!
//worked on business card designs!
//got a new washer and dryer! No more laundry mat for me! ( I'm going to miss that slot machine game)
//made yummy sundaes
//one of my managers at worked gave us an old couch of his which my boyfriend thinks is so comfortable he falls asleep there almost every night lol
//and had a good mothers day...even though i worked 10-9 =(

hope all you moms had a swell mothers day!!



so far my favorite place in my house to be is my backyard and patio.. only problem is, we haven't bought any patio furniture yet! these outdoor spaces are dreamy.. the first one in particular is absolutely magical. awww man... makes me want to have a romantic lunch date with iced tea and cloud watch afterwards!!! eeek! 

photos courtesy of: apartment therapy


new things.

i want to:
quit my job and start my own business.
feel and eat more healthy
stay in school
have much more family time.
make more things. refurbish things.
read more books.
plant more things.
ignore negativity.
take day road trips.
pick sewing back up.