One last day of christmas shopping... I hope.

Hopefully today my mom and I will knock out there rest of our Christmas shopping! I'm off work today! YAY! I'm excited to get to spend the day with my mom and Conrad. Then the rest of the evening will be spent making cake balls and cookies for Santa!!!

So for this weeks wednesday wishes, my number one wish is that you all have a wonderful christmas with family and friends and that we all keep in our hearts why we are celebrating. I hope you are all safe as you travel and make it back home safely!

I'm hoping to find this shirt in store for Nate. If not he may have to settle for it for his birthday the 11th. Of course I will also be buying anything and everything I see star wars related for nate and conrad. Oh how I love the boys in my life. =)

I have a few other things in mind but I dont want to list them as not to spoil the surprise so we're off to get ready and spend the day shopping. Love you all! have a merry christmas!

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