treasure hunting!

look what i scored yesterday at the corner thrift store!

the best cardigan ever. =) It's pea green with orange stitching and zipper with all kinds of military/nautical patches. i am in love. find of the year possible. $1.

a pair of boots. and im not much of a boot gal, but these look like cowboys boots and have little leather tassels on the back!! They're not knee high moccasins, but they'll do! And yes, those are my tie dye tights. haha.

I got Conrad a christmas sweater and another warm comfy sweater for me. all $1 a piece. I spent $4.12 that day. thank you corner thrift store. you own.

p.s. still more of a blog makeover coming. new features like a freebies section with fonts, photoshop actions, tutorials and more!

tata til tomorrow!

kat ann


  1. Oh my gosh! All of the above are awesome!! And it's good to see te tie dye tights are being rocked. It's about time to bust mine out again too. That corner thrift store could be one of my favorite places ever.

  2. I am totally a boots girl, and I LOVE your new ones!!! SCORE!

    PS: knee high moccasins are on my Christmas list, and I think I've been a pretty good girl;)

  3. jenn! i love the tie dye tights! its just so hard to find something to wear them with lol. im very bright today to say the least.

    i hope you get them april! they're on mine too!!!