new years resolutions!

I think that setting goals and resolutions is a wonderful thing. making lists and crossing things off gives me a natural high i swear. =) whether its on paper, a dry erase board or just mental, setting goals has been something that had helped me to be way more productive and therefore have a greater since of accomplishment. (plus rewarding yourself with a double shot white mocha also makes it much better!!!) So for this weeks fetish friday i want to share with you a few of mine!!

1. lose my baby (now toddler) weight.
2. sew lots of clothes.
3. eat more healthy/organic.
4. find a good church and go every week.
5. get back into school.
6. plant a garden
7. travel as much as possible
8. volunteer at the animal shelter

the list goes on and on...

what are your new years resolutions?

everyone be safe and have a happy new year! i'll see you in 2011!
kat ann

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