new years resolutions!

I think that setting goals and resolutions is a wonderful thing. making lists and crossing things off gives me a natural high i swear. =) whether its on paper, a dry erase board or just mental, setting goals has been something that had helped me to be way more productive and therefore have a greater since of accomplishment. (plus rewarding yourself with a double shot white mocha also makes it much better!!!) So for this weeks fetish friday i want to share with you a few of mine!!

1. lose my baby (now toddler) weight.
2. sew lots of clothes.
3. eat more healthy/organic.
4. find a good church and go every week.
5. get back into school.
6. plant a garden
7. travel as much as possible
8. volunteer at the animal shelter

the list goes on and on...

what are your new years resolutions?

everyone be safe and have a happy new year! i'll see you in 2011!
kat ann


Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a very merry christmas! I know we did. =) This was the first christmas that conrad really got into and it was so much fun to watch him get excited about his new toys!! He has been going crazy over his new dinosaurs and his new 4 wheeler. Mommy got an amazing pair of moccasins, some records, some clothes, and a sweeeet new picture to hang in my office, which is still littered in wrapping paper scraps. =)

im in the market for a new comforter and a shower curtain. I've found a lot of beautiful ones over at target and urban but the ones i like don't come in king size.... anyone know of any good places to look?

I'm undecided between these two shower curtains from urban.

theis pretty wall hanging for the house from rec room vintage

a beautiful mirror from olive someday.

walmart has some really neat floor cushions that i'd like to have around.. they come in handy when you have lots of people hanging out!

my jaw dropped when i saw these flats from modcloth. yes, they are pencil flats. =)

also from modcloth, this beautiful sweater. =)

Now that all the christmas madness is over, its time to start buying more things for the house (and maybe myself)! I'm excited!!!

p.s. i bought myself a present today. a digital camera! yay. I can't wait for it to come in the mail so i can finally start sharing my ideas/finds/creations with you all!

take care xoxo

kat ann


One last day of christmas shopping... I hope.

Hopefully today my mom and I will knock out there rest of our Christmas shopping! I'm off work today! YAY! I'm excited to get to spend the day with my mom and Conrad. Then the rest of the evening will be spent making cake balls and cookies for Santa!!!

So for this weeks wednesday wishes, my number one wish is that you all have a wonderful christmas with family and friends and that we all keep in our hearts why we are celebrating. I hope you are all safe as you travel and make it back home safely!

I'm hoping to find this shirt in store for Nate. If not he may have to settle for it for his birthday the 11th. Of course I will also be buying anything and everything I see star wars related for nate and conrad. Oh how I love the boys in my life. =)

I have a few other things in mind but I dont want to list them as not to spoil the surprise so we're off to get ready and spend the day shopping. Love you all! have a merry christmas!


christmas music

(a terrible picture of our christmas tree and my homemade felt/yarn banner)

I'm about to head to work for the day but wanted to share the christmas music i've been jamming. Bright Eyes by far is my favorite. I love the holidays, but christmas music gets old after the first day. lol this is good chill christmas music without being too annoying or jolly haha.

I still have much more christmas shopping to take care of, but that how i work best, at the last minute in panic haha. so ready to make my cake balls and cookies for santa!! I'll see you on wednesday! take care!

kat ann



Since I was in high school I have had a big thing for corduroy! Pants, jackets, pillows, you name it. i wanted to share a few of my favorite finds.

This amazing squirrel pillow!

beautiful corduroy jumpers!

corduroy pants in all colors are dreamy and cozy.

this amazing wallet.

corduroy sneakers. yum.

when i get another little puppy, i will definitely be getting it one of these!

and even a corduroy bicycle. YES!

well another evening at work tonight. hope everyone has a lovely weekend and stays warm!



fa la la la la.... la la la la!

Christmas is so close i can hardly stand it!! Things are going GREAT with my new job and it feels awesome to be working again and helping out. Last night was our Christmas party and the company bought really nice toys for all the kids and gave out bonuses! It was so nice! I feel so blessed to be at a place like this. Most people I know don't even get a christmas bonus at all!

I've been collecting some goodies for Nate and Conrad and I can't wait for Christmas morning to see their faces when they open their presents! I still have quite a bit of shopping to do though!

this weeks wednesday wish list is a few items that are wishful thinking for others or for myself. =)

We already have two around the house but this one is so cute.

I'll dream on on this one but someday!

I really really want these shoes! ah! maybe a present for myself? =)

eeek im ready for christmas!


little nooks!

last night was my first night working as a server at Tamollys and not just training, so i was taking all of my own tables etc. It was hectic and crazy because I still don't know everything but, it was fun. This may be my favorite place that I have ever worked! I work again today so my parents are having to keep conrad til nate is off work therefore i have the whole day to myself! I'm locking myself in my studio all day jamming broken social scene with an x-large Monster, painting, compulsive list making and doodling and getting inspired. i may interrupt it for a walk down to the salvation army of course! i love days like this. its like recharging, coming back down to your true self and prepping to lose your mind all over again. =) yay for the weekend!

i'm super blessed to have a ginormous (yes i love that word) studio space, plus a spare bedroom that i can use if i happen to run out of space. its funny because i went from painting on the living room floor in my tiny apartment to having all this space that i barely know what to do with now! BUT, something I have a very soft place in my heart for are little nooklike offices/workspaces. Whether its a walk in closet, a tiny closet, or even just a loft bed with a workspace underneath, there's something so cozy and personal about a space like this. =)

I was inspired by this cozy workspace tour. The little wolf light was the first thing that grabbed my attention, but I love the gray and white and how perfectly organized it is! Please check out the full tour! its inspiring!

The fact that there's a little window in there makes it 13459809583084034 times better!

small office in a closet
This wins as my favorite! those colors and that floral print! DROOL!

A pantry office! love the tree/wood feel. very relaxing.

jenn closet 1


so i posted in last weeks wednesday wishes that i wanted a job... well I got the job I wanted! yay! =) so i'll be even more busy that i was before but that's okay!

I want a whole house by these guys.

basically everything over at their gallery is magical. I don't use that word lightly. i mean MAGICAL! I could live in an entire house designed by them!

these undies for my husband haha.

these owl key covers!!!

these shoes I found over at Emmadime.

something else is wish for this christmas, to throw a class christmas cocktail party, but eveyrone else is throwing so many that I may have to wait until next year! Everyone is having Ugly Sweater Parties, which is the absolute best! I can't wait to go to my first! =)

so this week I want to know what YOU want! Please leave a comment of what's on YOUR wish list this christmas!


fetish friday

now that its cold, there are a few things i just cant live without this winter..


warm fuzzy socks =)

ROBOT adult footed pajamas anyone? ill probably pass on this one, but they made me giggle and they're cute!

Hot chocolate of course!

& last but not least, cuddles from my hubby & my electric blanket!

Recent obsessions:

recent crush: james macavoy!

and holy cow! this octopus tentacle! it takes mounted animals to a new level! too bad its $1,100. lol I love anything squid or octopus related!


treasure hunting!

look what i scored yesterday at the corner thrift store!

the best cardigan ever. =) It's pea green with orange stitching and zipper with all kinds of military/nautical patches. i am in love. find of the year possible. $1.

a pair of boots. and im not much of a boot gal, but these look like cowboys boots and have little leather tassels on the back!! They're not knee high moccasins, but they'll do! And yes, those are my tie dye tights. haha.

I got Conrad a christmas sweater and another warm comfy sweater for me. all $1 a piece. I spent $4.12 that day. thank you corner thrift store. you own.

p.s. still more of a blog makeover coming. new features like a freebies section with fonts, photoshop actions, tutorials and more!

tata til tomorrow!

kat ann


wednesday wishes - a job!


i dont have too extensive of a wednesday wishes this week seeing as how black friday got me all but one of my christmas presents which i got early.i got a brother sewing machine and a new printer and a few other small things that i needed! now all i need is a digial camera and i'll be set! yay for my wonderful husband!

but my one real wish for wednesday wishes is that i get a job today! im applying at a few places to try and get a little extra cash before the holidays. so i'll be busy with that most of today while my mom babysits.

This is why i love my inlaws so much! lol

we had a lovely thanksgiving and since arriving home from all the hustle and bustle i've been decorating for christmas like crazy. i'll show you soon!

Here's a peak at what i've been busy doing, other than massive amounts of baking.


sorry for the terrible photos... like i said, i need a camera. =) anyways, ta ta guys and wish me luck in the job hunt!

kat ann