thank you, and you. and you. oh and you.

I came across a blog the other day about thanking the people in your life that mean a lot to you in special or unique way (if that was your blog please let me know because I totally lost track of the blog). this sounded like a great idea to me. i like to surprise people and make them feel special, so this week i've had this scheme cooking up in my brain of how, when and where to do this. I encourage you all to do something similar to let everyone you know how much you appreciate them and love them, whether its just leaving a note or something. i chose post its. =)

i hid one in my husband's pocket.
while visiting family today I plan to sneak several into their vehicles, rooms, pockets, etc. i can be quite sneaky, which is funny because im so clumsy haha.

on top of that, id like to share a list of the things i am very thankful for:

Photo 517
1. my beautiful son. words cannot say the way you have changed my world and warmed my heart.
2. my husband: you keep me entertained. you love me unconditionally, even when im at my worst and encourage me to follow my dreams. i adore you.
3. my parents and brother. im so thankful for their help and love! i can always depend on them, whether it be for a baby sitter, a pep talk or just good company.
4. My inlaws - i married into a family that i cannot even tell you how amazing they are. the are the most kind hearted and loving people in the world.
5. my new home and life that God has given me. i feel so blessed to have moved into a home that seems so perfect for us and the new journey we are on in life.
6. my best friends, although we are all busy and are miles apart, we get each other. without you, i might be void of my sanity.
7. mexican food and coffee!
8. the freedom that i have to do the things i want and to express myself.
9. my cats, for all the giggles and cuddles.
10. all the beauty in this world that inspires me, keeps me going and pushes me to create and explore.

now i have a lot to get done. ive got a kiddo that ive gotta get into his bath and i have to try to beat the husband awake. haha. everyone be safe today on the road and get lots of food in their belly!

God bless & ta ta!

kat ann


  1. that's a nifty idea using the post-it notes :)
    i'm obsessed with post-it notes, i have at least 6 different colored pads at my desk to jot down everything lol.

    haha love that one of the things that you're thankful for are "mexican food & coffee" -- i'm also thankful they exist!

    hope you had good luck in hiding all of those notes, and hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

    monica buth

  2. we did girl! hope you did too! i dont think ill eat for the rest of the month.