wednesday wishes

today is a strokes kind of day...

hanging tonnnnnnns of clothes.
then venturing to the salvation army today. i have to admit i am super duper excited. ive never been to this one before!

so for wednesday wishes..

now that im figuring out how to work with all this space im realizing the things that i would like to have!

Clickstart My Heart

pretty flowers for the yard!


its not a must, but i think an old piano would look absolutely perfect in my living/dining area. =) conrad would have a ball!

my last wish, is to get my office fixed up super awesome. im dreaming about it already.

When I have an Art Attack

tata for now folks.


home is where the big yard/park/salvation army/free wifi is

this will be our 3rd night to stay in the new house! its exciting! im about 75% done packing so thats a bit of a relief. i love this old house! there is something so charming and wonderful about older houses. newer houses just dont have the character and personality that old ones do. from the old door knobs, to the peach counter tops and old thick windows, this place screams me. haha.

as soon as we had our couches and things inside the house it immediately felt like home and i felt at ease and comfortable, which is something i never felt in the apartment. i honestly have no idea where to begin with all this space that i have now. im very stoked to set up my new office/work space and am very thankful that my lovely mother in law lent me an amazing desk that she refinished. ill update with some pictures once we finish painting the walls and get it looking more like "us".

on top of the awesomeness of having our own place, there are a couple of very awesome things about this location/place.

1. we are directly behind my husbands work! no gas money!

2. i can see the door of the city's salvation army from my backyard! eeeeek! that would have been the selling point for me regardless lol!

3. theres a decent park at the end of our street with a couple of swing sets, jungle gyms and seesaws for conrad. which no doubt we will be daily visitors of.

4. its so convenient being a 3 minutes drive from wal-mart, the mall, the record/book store and all of my favorite thrift stores here. everything about this city that i love is in walking/bike riding distance. how lovely!


fetish friday.

its been an eventful morning. found out some good news on the house we're wanting to get. hopefully we'll be moving in very very soon! so excited! thankfully its in need of a paint job, therefore i get to customize it. woo. =) so on that note... here's some of my favorite home decor things/colors/ideas.

ill finally be able to do what i want for conrads room. a light blue, orange and pea green color scheme with lots of vintage and retro goodness. I particularly LOVE this room. robots? of course!


1949 yellow bathroom

1949 bathroom

im in love with all these color palettes. so excited to start!

something im also excited about is my hometowns county fair, which has been going on this week. i'm excited to take conrad this weekend in the midst of all the moving madness. hopefully ill see some sweet old faces. =) carnivals/fairs are so fun. aside from the ridiculous cost, the lights and atmosphere are so fun.

everyone have a safe and happy weekend. =)

a yellow kitchen. for sure. =)


So it's been quite a while.

So it's been quite a while aye? I've been quite tied up with trying to find a new job and getting ready to move! It's amazing the ways that God works. Sometimes on the surface things may seem lost of all hope, but really underneath its a blessing in disguise. didn't you miss my lack of correct punctuation and ability to capitalize anything haha?

first things first, another new addition to the family: meet tiger lily. she's a feisty little thing. she and squid are best friends now. its adorable.

Photo 252

conrads birthday came and went and i was relieved to have it done with. it was a success and the heat wasnt too bad, the wind was a different story. it destroyed most of the table decorations and marshmallow pops melted all over the place, but it was a great turn out. =)

we're moving! very sudden and crazy but i'm excited! we'll be living with my parents for a couple of weeks til we can everything with the house we're wanting situated and i'm hoping that that goes smoothly because this new house means that I would have an office/studio and that conrad will have a big backyard and that nate will have a garage/man cave. so everyone wins! once all this is taken care of i'll hopefully be back to updating regularly.

in the meantime check out what ive been obsessing over: matt & kim. phenomenal happy day music. if im stressed i put them on the playlist and just dance in the living room when no one is watching.

Now I don't know if theyre a couple or not but they are two adorable people. =)

so ta ta. hopefully next time i'll be writing from my new office? feel free to donate to that cause haha. love you all.

kat ann