portlandia? how have i missed this lol

so i came across the showPortlandia on ifc.com this morning and just had to share. ive been laughing my bum off for a good 45 minutes now lol. I love that this show kind of pokes fun of the "hipster" movement. its funny, because they're also making fun of me a bit, because i've been guilty of wanting to ship off to portland for a new start and i can dig that lol. Throw feminist bookstores, poking fun at technology AND blogging, hipster trends and adult "hide and seekers" all together into a show and watch it Friday nights at 10:30. I'm sold.

as if i needed another show to fall in love with. pssh. I can already promise you my husband is going to LOVE this show. He is not a fan of following trends and thinks they're extremely lame. He enjoys teasing me about some of the things that I'm into or will tease me and say i'm a "hipster" or a "hippy". I cant wait to show this to him tonight lol. well i hope you laugh as hard as i did!

kat ann


recent loves

Things that I have fallen in love with lately...

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

oh.my.goodness. probably my new favorite kids movie. this movie is so great! the animation is beautiful and its about OWLS! lol conrad and I watch this over and over.

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

these guys and this video! they make chocolate, which is one of the coolest jobs ever basically. found them via emmadime.

and their packaging for their chocolate is dreammmy. i would love to work on a project like this. there's something magical to me about good product packaging.

my new shoes... i have been wearing them out. almost literally.

and my new happy jam as of recently is The Limousines. they put me in a super good mood.

thats it for today. hope every has a good start to the weekend! tata xoxo kat ann


Rounded Corners v 1.0: chronic list making & productivity.

im going to start posting "peaks into my life" randomly because i didn't realize it until it was pointed out to me, but i do things very weird or goofy sometimes. im a cluttered mess, but i manage to make it work for me. i laugh at myself on a daily basis lol. but mainly, i want this to be a growing process for me too so that i cant learn to better organize, track how i have changed and grown etc.

How I Stay Motivated:

1) i make a daily to do list via this spectacular dry erase board from walmart that my hubby bought for my birthday last year. I CANNOT express how much use I have gotten out of this little dude. I feel that if its "IN MY FACE" reminding that i need to get things done, than i'll do it. im terrible at house hold chores and i hate cleaning. crossing items off this list gives me a sense of power sadly. its nice to know ive accomplished something that day. no matter how small. i also forget how important it is to just doodle and brainstorm and often have to put "doodle" on my to do list. I wish I could say that more sewing was on this list, but I'm usually too pooped to even sit down and work, im working on that though.

Aside from my dry erase board, I also make hundreds of lists all the time.. grocery lists, lists for things I want to buy in the long run for the house etc.. by making those lists I actually accomplish getting those things rather than just "wishful thinking" or coming home from the grocery store and thinking "darn I really meant to get hot chocolate". lol

I've HAD to do this because cleaning house and taking care grown up things hasn't been my strongest talent lol. I'll let dishes sit in the sink for a week before washing them. Gross I know. On top of that, I simply have a hard time remembering things I want or need to do.  I'm not anal and crazy about cleaning my house or running errands.... i would much rather lounge about all day playing games, painting or playing at the park down the street. i try to have as chill and stress free of a day as possible... this simple tool has worked wonders. so if you don't already make lists, do it! if you do, how has it worked out for you? do you reward yourself?

And here is an angry picture of squid. I think she is mad because I haven't made it to the "Clean the litter box" part of today's to do list. lol well that's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow. =)

tata & xoxo
kat ann


im a cheap shopaholic.

iIm a bit over excited about a few of the purchases ive made this week (mainly today) and HAVE to share.

i finally bought a new duvet cover for our new king size bed. its ridiculous that we've gone 6 months using a full size comforter for our bed lol. we've been fighting over covers for a while now. Target had one in pink/purple that i really like on clearance! It wasn't exactly what i wanted but i think ill love it more in person! for $30 for anything king size you cant complain. $30 is usually what i have to spend on extra sheets alone. bah! A while back i blogged about how much i loved betsey johnsons house and the yellow/pink color scheme. i'd love to do something similar in my bedroom now that i have something pink to work with. =)

i also bought these from UA.they were originally 16, but they sold me with the buy 2 for $24. haha. hey, i've been working for little things like this. =) I love super cute cheap things!

Conrad also scored two pairs of converses. One pair of these sweet Dr Seuss ones and a pair of classic black high tops. They were buy one pair get one for $1!!! So it came out to about $15 a pair. These are his first converses ever, and its a monumental experience for me having worn mine the hell our through high school. =) My little boy is growing up.

also had to share this very cute link found via the dainty squid. 15 ways to organize your cats.

well ta ta for now folks.

kat ann


new love: Ruth Borum

I come across artists via twitter or other blogs that completely just inspire me to create and stir something up inside of me. I found this amazing lady via wayne coyne's twitter.

Ruth Borum's work is full of texture and interesting patterns and graphics. I love love love texture!! I'll buy somthing simply for its texture/pattern. It all has a a bit of dark tone to it but at the same time is happy, and soothing. My favorites are in her "Slinky Love" gallery.

Baby Zed's Mural complete!

Her work makes me want to sit down and paint/draw for days! so in love with her now! Hope you enjoy her as much as i do!
her cats are also super cute!
Lewis and Karl

tata for now
kat ann


snow day part 2.


we've had a great few snow days! we made snow angels and a fort but mostly spent the days cuddled up inside. I had two days off unexpectedly right before my scheduled two days off giving me 4 days to enjoy time at home. I wish I could say that I accomplished something but I didn't lol. We were mostly lazy but we did celebrate my husbands 23rd birthday yesterday. =)



I thought these little ice "things" were beautiful. they looked like ice mushrooms!
Well I'm off to do some more house cleaning before I go back to work for the week. Ta ta!

kat ann


snow in texas!!

its snowing in texas!! now for those of you who aren't familiar with texas, this is a big deal. We get lucky if it snows once a winter. when it does snow its wet and mushy, not soft and flaky. the roads become a sick mess and every school and workplace shuts down just about lol. last winter it snowed probably more than i have ever seen and its snowing again this morning! yay! there's something about a first snow in your new home that makes it all the more magical! i have to go to work soon but we're enjoying it while we can!

ta ta folks!

kat ann


2011 =)


For 2011 I want to start a few new weekly blog features. I'll be keeping Fetish Friday every week but will be adding a couple. i haven't narrowed it down yet but I've got some great ideas!

One weekly addition will be "Treasure Tuesday" which will feature thrifted items I've acquired.

Another possibility will be a recipe a week. I'd like to find a new recipe to cook and share with you how I liked it etc.

The Dainty Squid also gave me a great idea. I'd like to do a once a week "week in a photo" or "week in a post" summing up the past week, things bought, things we did etc. I'm especially excited about that one.

When it comes time to plant our garden I will certainly be updating about that frequently!

I'd also like to feature a "doodle day". Not weekly but just as a constant way to keep myself brainstorming and getting creative. With work 5 days a week, it's hard to make time for doodling and zoning out with pen and paper.

BUT, the big news will be a giveaway at least once a month! I'm excited to finally get to do this! I've got a few great ones already lined up! Can't wait to get the new year going! What do you think about these ideas? any yays or nays? I want to know what you'd like to read the most and least!

anywhoo- tata for now! Get ready for a great year!