Hot and gone...

I have to apologize for being a bit m.I.a lately... our ac has been broken so we have been kicking it at my moms. The small town vibe where I know everyone I see is fun for only so long.  I have managed to adventure in some interesting places though. Sadly, not much work has gotten done since I've been confined to my pull out couch bed lol.


kittys & cookies.

So I finally got around to making root beer cookies after seeing them on The Dainty Squid forever ago. They sounded so yummy! Well, the first cookie was definitely yummy... but I think I'm good on anything root beer for at least another year! lol

Also we've acquired two new kittys! Brother and sister! A girl from work was going to get rid of them so I figured I would take them.  Nate adores them! (even though I was only suppose to bring home one!!) but Oscar is a bit of bully towards the boy. We haven't name them yet, any suggestions? We had a bit of a scare with the female gray one last night. She was trying to get into the refrigerator last night while I was making dinner and got crushed by the door and got hurt pretty badly. We took her to the vet and luckily she is fine, just a bit traumatized I think.

well tata for now. i've got work to do!


summer time. water/fireworks/dinosaurs

Here's our summer so far in a photo dump. the zoo+dinosaurs (conrad was ecstatic). water parks..fireworks and pretty sparkler pictures.


happy 4th

Happy late 4th of july. I'm still posting via phone. We had a great two days with family doing fireworks and pigging out. My favorite food this year was definitely my moms honey ham and my mother in laws strawberry shirtcake. Yum! Conrad had a blast doing sparklers and was even brave enoughto hold a roaming candle. Isn't the 4th of july a romantic holiday? What did u guys do and what did you eat?
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oh drat.

I'm nearly in tears here. My cat or son knocked over a bottled water all over my laptop. Cross ur fingers that it can be salvaged. Until then I'm posting via phone. Boooo.