ooh la la julia pott.

ive been checking out inspiring studios/offices via apartment therapy and came across Julia Pott's lovely little studio. aside from all its cuteness, i was immediately in awe of her work! she creates the cutest little animals and makes great little illustrations and animations. i really dig her style. its entertaining and inspiring. her animations makes me giggle and then turn around and almost tear up. she sells tee's and stuff with her illustrations on etsy (which she has shut down currently) and has a fantastic little blog. i think she is just lovely.

my favorite is this one. the kitten is adorable.

Yesterday i was stoked to see this amazing package waiting on my porch for me.

about a week or so ago i blogged about mr will bryant and how great he was. i ended up getting in contact with him via twitter & he was kind enough to send me a lovely package in the mail full of goodies! Two amazing art prints (one above) and a few other little goodies. how rad is that. super nice guy. haha. i was bummed i had to miss his art in a show that came to dallas this past weekend but sometime soon hopefully!


little drummer boy.

a few days ago nate bought us a drum set. im stoked. i played drums all through high school in our band.. yess.. i did haha. its very soothing to be playing again and nate is super excited about learning.

here's conrad rocking out.


will bryant. i think i love you.

ive been doing lots of hunting and research lately preparing to go back to school and to start doing design work again and came across an amazing artist who inspires me in a million+ plus ways. not to mention, he makes want to move to austin even more. =)

meet will bryant.

His illustration, design and art work is AMAZING. i could only hope to be a smiggen (sp?) of his greatness one day. I like the indian/aicd tripping style of his illustrations. His artwork gives me an overall "happy" feeling. i love that. I like that his motto on his site is "I make things because I get sad if I don't." It's badass seeing people who are doing things that you want to one day and being so successful at it. Mad props to you sir.

Find his blog here. It's full of all kinds of goodies.

well its off to slave away at butt kissing lol. ta ta folks.

kat ann.


pink/yellow. holy crap i love color.

maybe its the designer in me or my girly side coming out but my obsession with pink and yellow is one that is sticking around for good. i havent quite gotten around to decorating my bedroom how i want yet, but im finding inspiration in the art department at least. here's today's photo dump. haha.

pink vs yellow

Get Well Soon Flowers

Yellow and Pink

Also have I mentioned that I've lost 30 pounds since December?!?!?! Yayy! =) I'm super proud of myself, and feel like i can conquer the world now.

more pink and yellow goodness:
home decor


Letters to art.

it's been a long time, and i wish i could say that i had a good excuse but i dont. the truth is, i havent felt too inspired by anything. its been a rough few months artistically and emotionally. i've been struggling internally about who i am, what is me, what i am doing, where i am going.. etc etc. if you've ever had one of those moments where you told yourself "what the hell. i should be doing something big. i should be creating something inspiring,amazing and beautiful and coming up with beautiful ideas and im not. i should be experiencing things and going places. im going nowhere and it sucks."

well that's kind of been me lately.

and the honest truth, is that i've been trying too hard. for too long. ive been striving so hard to create something a certain way, for a certain audience, for a certain end result and that has lead to squat. i havent been being true to myself. i havent been following my heart. i havent been following my dreams. i guess you could i say ive kind of sold out. so there it is, its all on the table. lets start from scratch. lets reconnect and find each other and do what we do. lets satisfy ourselves and no one else. we've been procrastination too long. i miss you art. dear 16 year old kat, i miss you.

love, the old lady.