2011 =)


For 2011 I want to start a few new weekly blog features. I'll be keeping Fetish Friday every week but will be adding a couple. i haven't narrowed it down yet but I've got some great ideas!

One weekly addition will be "Treasure Tuesday" which will feature thrifted items I've acquired.

Another possibility will be a recipe a week. I'd like to find a new recipe to cook and share with you how I liked it etc.

The Dainty Squid also gave me a great idea. I'd like to do a once a week "week in a photo" or "week in a post" summing up the past week, things bought, things we did etc. I'm especially excited about that one.

When it comes time to plant our garden I will certainly be updating about that frequently!

I'd also like to feature a "doodle day". Not weekly but just as a constant way to keep myself brainstorming and getting creative. With work 5 days a week, it's hard to make time for doodling and zoning out with pen and paper.

BUT, the big news will be a giveaway at least once a month! I'm excited to finally get to do this! I've got a few great ones already lined up! Can't wait to get the new year going! What do you think about these ideas? any yays or nays? I want to know what you'd like to read the most and least!

anywhoo- tata for now! Get ready for a great year!

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