This weekend was full of some great highlights such as: STRAWBERRY CHEESCAKE SNOWCONES! Friday evening Nate got a new tattoo. Of course it had to b a pirate/nautical tattoo so he ended up getting a parrot on his shoulder. =) It turned out fantastic so props to that dude! I'll post a picture when Nate gets home from work. I'm itching to get another now! I'm probably going to get my first one fixed by him before I get a new one though.We spent saturday afternoon at the Quinlan flea market. We didn't stay long due to that Texas heat, but found a great steal for $1. Can't wait to deconstruct this one and make a bit less matronly!


Nate found some awesome grilling utensils all in the case for $5. Not too shabby. Sunday was spent being lazy and taking Conrad to the little mini water park down the road. He had a blast of course. It's so easy to make that kiddo happy. =)

I'm excited that I'm enrolling in school this month. =) Go me! I'm going online. They're providing me with a new Macbook Pro so I know this school was meant to be! I can finally quit hogging Nate's macbook. I'm just ready to get this whole "degree thing" over and done with. I have a lot of experience and a decent portfolio already but I want that degree to back it all up. Everything I've done is self taught so it'll be good to brush up and smooth out the rough spots.
Here's a piece I've been working on. Hopefully it'll be in the shop when I open it! =)

So have you seen this amazing wallpaper by Pottok? Holy cow it's so beautiful. I'd be living in my own inspiration dream world if I had this wallpaper gracing my walls. I would love to have the apples or the whales in Conrad's room. How great would that be!


  1. I'm hoping now, to go to the flea market this weekend! We have one in Arlington called Traders Village, but it's such a hassle trying to get into that place. There's traffic everywhere in a 2 mile radius! But the idea of snagging such awesome deals (esp that grill utensil set, my bf would love that!) just thrills me, and has become enough motivation for me to endure that traffic.

    Good luck with the online schooling! I don't even want to get started on the pros (more like cons) of it. :/

    The wallpaper indeed is cute! If you ever wanted to do it yourself, I've found so many great stencils (whales, etc) at Michael's (or any craft store) that would serve as a great DIY project for his room! I'm sure it'd match Nate's nautical 'theme' :)

    Have a great day!

  2. gosh I've been wanting to go out to traders village for so long! I used to go all the time with my parents as a kid and that place is GIGANTIC! Let me know if its good next time you go! and I never even thought about using stencils! That's sounds like a lot more fun than wallpaper, not to mention cheaper! thanks girl!

  3. I love that drawing! You have a great style!