dirty laundry.

I ran out of dryer sheets today, and decided "Hey, I don't feel like buying dryer sheets ever again." I remembered an all DIY tutorial I saw ages ago in a magazine or somewhere where you take old fabric scraps or cloths and spray them with wrinkle release or soak them in liquid fabric softener. I grabbed an old baby wipes container and filled it 1/4 the way up with a 50/50 mixture of liquid fabric softener and water and a couple of sprays of wrinkle release. BAM! Worked like a charm! Best thing is you can just continue to reuse. When I get time I'm probably going to hem them or something to make them really cute. I'm happy I finally found another use for baby wipe containers!


Conrad's adorable suspenders I got him yesterday! It makes me smile. =)

and his cute GAP pj's I got for 50 cents :) the little pocket on the butt is what sold me.

And my little treasure: the floral suspenders. I'm in love.

AND NOW I'm going to go cuddle up with some tissues and try to fight this head cold with some netflix movies. =) ta ta guys

Kat ann


  1. You're little kiddo is handsome! Is that a mohawk I see?

  2. floral suspenders!!!! What a find!

  3. Those suspenders are to die for! You always find the greatest stuff! I want to come shop with you!