Lost Dog

It's Monday.

Most people are waking up grouchy, putting on their work clothes,getting the kids to school, blah blah... well first: its summer. Which means the kiddos in my apartment complex are all outside running around, which is lovely. BUT monday for me means that the husband is back off to work and I can get some much needed blogging and creativeess out of the way. When he's home I try to spend as much time with him as possible since he works late... but that was interrupted as well today because our beautiful little new girl (boston terrier) Lily arrived this weekend and before I even got to post pictures of the sweetheart on facebook and on he blog, she took off running into the sunset while on a walk. I tried chasing her down in my flip flops but it was a lost cause. She's in a new place and skittish so she wasnt quite adjusted yet. Poor girl. So I imagine most of today will be spent on hunting her down =(. Ive already whipped up the "LOST DOG" flyers and posted a few around town. BAH HUMBUG. Suppose I'm not meant to have a dog. We're already so attached and I was in tears when it happened. Conrad woke up and said "See puppy? See puppy?" So everyone cross your fingers that we find her.

This weekend the best friend, husband and I planned to go out to First Monday Trade Days on Saturday but due to the late start on the way we go we had to postpone until next month. I'm shocked to know that so many people who blog about thrifting and flea markets have never been! If you haven't its a must! It's "The world's largest outdoor flea market". Need I say more? I forget how many acres its on but they have a great newer section of clothing, furniture and crafts, but the old section is the part we go for. You can dig for hours and find so many great things. Trash Can Punch is hoping to start a booth as soon as the studio is up and running so you should be seeing us there soon! So everything else was closed, even the garage sales and thrift stores around town had already closed down. We found a little gift shop that was part of a salvage yard owned by an older Vietnamese couple. It was just newer knick knacks etc. It was interesting though because the woman kept yelling at her 6 pomeranians the whole time, one of which's name was "michael jordan". So if you can imagine that.. lol. So we didn't accomplish much. We just grabbed a blizzard at dairy queen and enjoyed the company. Best friend time is always good. I did find some neat shelves with potential on the side of the road with a sign that said FREE. So,SCORE! I'm always down for painting and refurbishing free things. The hubby did get a harmonica and is trying to pick it back up. So that should be entertaining. I'm excited. I'm off to get the kiddo up from his nap. We'll see what kind of trouble we can get into today. Happy dinosaurs and gummy worms. =)



  1. Liking the blog, Cool post, and loving the display picture...Please check out my blog :-) thanks.. I think I may follow you.. :) Sarah..0x

  2. running in flip flops. i feel your pain. not very easy to do.

  3. no. its definitely not. i couldnt have caught her in my vans though haha

  4. oh no! hope you find your little pup!
    and thanks for the super sweet comment :) i like your blog!