Lily Monster!

This is what I'm jamming today..

Just a little update on our lost dog situation.

At about 12:30 am last night Nate and I were spread out on the living room floor drawing when Nate looks out the door to the porch and says "No way! It's Lily!" (this part is a bit edited since there were words I'm not comfortable repeating haha.) We went to the door to let her in and she took off down the road. So we ended up finding our shoes and Nate jumped on my bike and took off after her. I, in my pajamas and moccasins, was running after him down the road. She managed to run around half the town, through the bank parking lot and through a field before nate cornered her in someone's garage lol. So we were a site to see. I even got stopped by a cop who thought we looked a bit curious. (Remember this is a town of under 1,000 people) I can't blame him. There's no telling what he thought we were up to. So Lily's back home finally. =) She's still a bit skittish but I think she's going to warm up to us quickly. She's already at my heels every step that I take.

I'm having troubles uploading pictures from my phone, but I'll try and post pictures of our drawings. We probably would have finished had it not been for our wonderful visitor. =) But I'm not complaining one bit.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots


  1. what a cute dog!

    you must be over the moon excited to have her back home!!!

  2. oh i am! i adore her and she's only been with us a few days!

  3. oh yay i'm glad she's back!