Introductions & All That Jazz

Hello world. I'm taking on this adventure of blogging for myself, in the hopes someone else might actually like what I have to say. So for introductions,I am Kat. As I've matured I've realized how deeply in love I am with Texas. The heat, the people, the landscape, the diversity are all here. I'm a 21 year old mother and wife. My beautiful 2 year old son's name is Conrad McCary and he is all boy. =) My handsome husband is Nate and he's been sweeping me off my feet since my sophomore year in high school. I adore them both and they are my whole world. My partner in crime (Jenn) and I (with the help of the husband) are in the process of opening our own design/boutique/studio as we speak. We aren't sure what all we'll actually accomplish with it, but the rent is cheap and our expectations are open. If it winds up being just a great chill spot and studio for art shows etc.. than I couldn't ask for more... but whatever God wants for us will happen and I will never be let down.

So above is what consumes my life, and I love it. I enjoy flea markets, thrift stores,graphic design, web design, illustration, painting, drawing, crocheting, and I'm am in the process of learning to sew. I'm ecstatic about our shop and ready to be in a creative environment not completely surrounded by diapers, wipes, and sippy cups. Of course all of those things are going to end up there anyways, but the idea is refreshing and inspiring. I'm hoping to further my creativity and become more diverse as an artist. So here we go! I hope to share with you my artwork, my life, my new found treasures, wonderful places and adventures and all of the interesting things that there are to find in this world. So go out and explore and spill something for yourself. Whether its ink, paint, music, or just plain love: do it.

You can check out my about me page for a mini biography and pictures!


  1. nice to meet you :) im kathleen (sometimes kat, too :) )

  2. and you as well! i enjoyed your blog! thanks for following me!

  3. I'm excited to hear what happens with that studio space!
    Your blog sounds like it's going to be fun and inspiring!
    If you end up painting the owls you should post pics! =)
    Welcome to blogland!