The Corner Thrift Store

I woke up to my mother leaving a message on my answering machine asking to keep Conrad for the night. (yay!) So I was excited for some "ME" time to explore and thrift and be lazy.
I fixed pancakes and gave the kiddo a bath and got him off to Nana and Pap's house. I started the morning off with NO CLEANING what so ever, and a lovely lovely movie called "Bright Star".

I've been on this binge of 19th & 18th century romance movies like Pride & Prejudice, The Duchess, Atonement etc.. So I added this to my Netflix instant queue since it was a romance about the poet John Keats. It was absolutely beautiful. I teared up a bit. It holds my stamp of approval for what its worth haha! I finally made myself shower and take a bike ride around town before coming home to meet up with the best friend.

We've been meaning to go to this place called "The Corner Thrift Store" forever but its always closed when we try. So we made it today and found all kinds of goodies. The best part is that nearly every item of clothing is $1. We spent a good 2 hours and both spent $14.08 a piece. I bought some cute pants with built in suspenders for Conrad, a few blouses, belts, scarves, corduroy shorts for the hubby and several other little things.
The best find of the day was definitely the russian nesting doll dress I found in the children's section. SO AWESOME. Luckily Jenn fits into some kids sizes haha. We hit up Goodwill after and scored some floral suspenders for myself and some more things for Conrad. Jenn and I later came to the agreement that we would trade off the awesome bag she found for the suspenders every so often haha.

We didn't get this awesome dog shirt because it didn't fit either one of us but it was photo worthy. I thought this little seat/desk was adorable. I'm hoping to talk my bearded man into getting it for me as a little work area.

We painted a few more things for the shop yesterday as well. =)
Hopefully that's the end of my excitement for the next few days.. I'm sunburned and exhausted mentally and physically. Thank goodness I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow. But I'm sure I'll still get up to savor my alone time. Yay for grandparents!


  1. Everything about this post makes me happy! Love that song! Love that Conrad's grandparents rock! Love that you got to go to that new thrift store! If you EVER come to Orlando we deff have to hang. We have very parallel lives! What's this I hear about a shop??

  2. im hoping to open an etsy shop or another type of online shop soon and then eventually a physical shop. =) exciting! yes yesterday was a great day for me! I got to adventure!

  3. You should have bought the dog shirt for conrad! You could have somehow reconstructed it! that would have been so cute!

  4. oh my gosh.... i dont know why i didnt think of it! I'm going back now haha