This weekend was full of all kinds of goodness. I helped two sweet boston terriers find good homes. =) Saturday I got to spend some great time with the best friend adventuring in an unexpected place. The big O.C. not the O.C. that you're thinking of, I'm talking about Oak Cliff. Haha. Now, I grew up in South Dallas as a kid and it got so bad that my parents moved us all out to the country, which I was NOT happy about at the time. Jenn does lots of work with kids in Oak Cliff through her church and assured me that there were some amazing parts worth exploring. And she was sooooo right! It wasn't the Oak Cliff of my childhood haha.

We got to the Bishop Arts District and they had shut down a whole street for Eno's "Brew Riot Beer Festival" and live music! How cool! There was a human size chess game going on as well as a giant version of jenga. Kids were running around everywhere and for some reason everyone had a bike. Which I like. There was even a little section where people were racing on bikes hooked up to a game. Pretty neato. Aside from the festive atmosphere the shops on the street were awesome! In particular a shop called Zola's Every Day Vintage. This place was a goldmine for us! Nothing but vintage dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes, jewelery, scarves, and even a whole wall of paint by numbers. To top it off, the coolest little cat came walking out of the back right up to me and let me love on him. The ladies were nice and turned out the owner lives right by us. I promised myself I wouldn't spend any money that night so I'll be coming back! Oh, note the complimentary wine! yum!

We swung by the Soda Gallery, which was tooooo cute.

The Voodoo Store off of Greenville Ave. is another story. I also spend money that I shouldn't there. It's a favorite of ours that I love to go to for random psychadelic things. It has everything from art, records and dishes to 1960's Playboy magazines. The owner might be the most interesting human on the face of the planet. He's a Japanese hippy. haha. He's hysterical and having a conversation with him just makes me happy.

Sunday was spent at the Quinlan flea market looking for furniture to refurnish. We scored a $5 table and few other trinkets and fabrics. We broke out the old record player and spray painted for a good couple of hours. I'm so happy to have that record player back and working.

The result was these lovely items. The cute little yellow chair will soon have a cushion made for it and sit in front of my vanity! So excited for that! I got my new sewing machine so I'll be learning from here on out!

If anyone knows of some great blogs or sites to learn to sew and with free patterns please let me know!

Have a wonderful week folks!



  1. That little yellow chair is amazing! So many cool things in this post... a human-size chess board!? Too neat!

  2. very encouraging to know that you are starting late in the blog game too! I just really feel the urge to create things and share it. I too just got my sewing machine out and have been looking for a great sewing blog. Let me know what you find...looking forward to following your adventures!!

  3. thanks! I feel the exactly same way about wanting to just create and explore things. life is too short to not! i haven't found any sewing blogs YET but I did come across www.burdastyle.com they have a lot of helpful tutorials and free patters.

  4. how fun! if im ever in the dallas area ill have to check that area out. great finds!