im a cheap shopaholic.

iIm a bit over excited about a few of the purchases ive made this week (mainly today) and HAVE to share.

i finally bought a new duvet cover for our new king size bed. its ridiculous that we've gone 6 months using a full size comforter for our bed lol. we've been fighting over covers for a while now. Target had one in pink/purple that i really like on clearance! It wasn't exactly what i wanted but i think ill love it more in person! for $30 for anything king size you cant complain. $30 is usually what i have to spend on extra sheets alone. bah! A while back i blogged about how much i loved betsey johnsons house and the yellow/pink color scheme. i'd love to do something similar in my bedroom now that i have something pink to work with. =)

i also bought these from UA.they were originally 16, but they sold me with the buy 2 for $24. haha. hey, i've been working for little things like this. =) I love super cute cheap things!

Conrad also scored two pairs of converses. One pair of these sweet Dr Seuss ones and a pair of classic black high tops. They were buy one pair get one for $1!!! So it came out to about $15 a pair. These are his first converses ever, and its a monumental experience for me having worn mine the hell our through high school. =) My little boy is growing up.

also had to share this very cute link found via the dainty squid. 15 ways to organize your cats.

well ta ta for now folks.

kat ann