new love: Ruth Borum

I come across artists via twitter or other blogs that completely just inspire me to create and stir something up inside of me. I found this amazing lady via wayne coyne's twitter.

Ruth Borum's work is full of texture and interesting patterns and graphics. I love love love texture!! I'll buy somthing simply for its texture/pattern. It all has a a bit of dark tone to it but at the same time is happy, and soothing. My favorites are in her "Slinky Love" gallery.

Baby Zed's Mural complete!

Her work makes me want to sit down and paint/draw for days! so in love with her now! Hope you enjoy her as much as i do!
her cats are also super cute!
Lewis and Karl

tata for now
kat ann

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  1. oh girl, i really love those pieces and am super happy to have found you today! great blog, the design and header, etc. so fab!!!

    and photos of fur babies always make my day. cheers. ♥