Rounded Corners v 1.0: chronic list making & productivity.

im going to start posting "peaks into my life" randomly because i didn't realize it until it was pointed out to me, but i do things very weird or goofy sometimes. im a cluttered mess, but i manage to make it work for me. i laugh at myself on a daily basis lol. but mainly, i want this to be a growing process for me too so that i cant learn to better organize, track how i have changed and grown etc.

How I Stay Motivated:

1) i make a daily to do list via this spectacular dry erase board from walmart that my hubby bought for my birthday last year. I CANNOT express how much use I have gotten out of this little dude. I feel that if its "IN MY FACE" reminding that i need to get things done, than i'll do it. im terrible at house hold chores and i hate cleaning. crossing items off this list gives me a sense of power sadly. its nice to know ive accomplished something that day. no matter how small. i also forget how important it is to just doodle and brainstorm and often have to put "doodle" on my to do list. I wish I could say that more sewing was on this list, but I'm usually too pooped to even sit down and work, im working on that though.

Aside from my dry erase board, I also make hundreds of lists all the time.. grocery lists, lists for things I want to buy in the long run for the house etc.. by making those lists I actually accomplish getting those things rather than just "wishful thinking" or coming home from the grocery store and thinking "darn I really meant to get hot chocolate". lol

I've HAD to do this because cleaning house and taking care grown up things hasn't been my strongest talent lol. I'll let dishes sit in the sink for a week before washing them. Gross I know. On top of that, I simply have a hard time remembering things I want or need to do.  I'm not anal and crazy about cleaning my house or running errands.... i would much rather lounge about all day playing games, painting or playing at the park down the street. i try to have as chill and stress free of a day as possible... this simple tool has worked wonders. so if you don't already make lists, do it! if you do, how has it worked out for you? do you reward yourself?

And here is an angry picture of squid. I think she is mad because I haven't made it to the "Clean the litter box" part of today's to do list. lol well that's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow. =)

tata & xoxo
kat ann

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