portlandia? how have i missed this lol

so i came across the showPortlandia on ifc.com this morning and just had to share. ive been laughing my bum off for a good 45 minutes now lol. I love that this show kind of pokes fun of the "hipster" movement. its funny, because they're also making fun of me a bit, because i've been guilty of wanting to ship off to portland for a new start and i can dig that lol. Throw feminist bookstores, poking fun at technology AND blogging, hipster trends and adult "hide and seekers" all together into a show and watch it Friday nights at 10:30. I'm sold.

as if i needed another show to fall in love with. pssh. I can already promise you my husband is going to LOVE this show. He is not a fan of following trends and thinks they're extremely lame. He enjoys teasing me about some of the things that I'm into or will tease me and say i'm a "hipster" or a "hippy". I cant wait to show this to him tonight lol. well i hope you laugh as hard as i did!

kat ann

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