fetish friday! arrow tutorial and stamps!

in digging around trying to find cute new ideas for conrad's room i came across something. i just HAD to share this tutorial from danielle thompson over at thompson family-life. As soon as I get my materials together I'll definitely be doing this.

Another little jewel I found this past week over at Ohdeeoh.com. You might remember my first attempt at stamp making (outside of high school art) a while back. needless to say it was a pain in the butt, so this find was exciting for me as i do not want to carve linoleum again for a while!

Meet stamp making with molding clay!

I am SO SO excited to try this. it sounds like so much fun and would be super easy for kids to use.

in the house nesting state of mind i have been in lately, i think i may have found the perfect little room ever. courtesy of Apartment Therapy


call me weird, but after watching the new star trek movie i think i have developed a little crush on the new Spock. haha. i guess im just quite a nerd. so my friday favorites person this week is going to be Zachary Quinto as Spock.

Sometime this weekend I plan on giving you a sneak peak at the new casa de curling. im excited. we've (well nate) have been painting the kitchen and picking out colors for the other rooms. its going to be a bright home, to say the least, but hey thats us. =) ta ta til then folks. hope you all have a lovely and safe weekend.

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