fetish friday - some urban decor love and journals.

i have to just share with you all that since discovering emma's blog, i have been so inspired. she finds and takes the most beautiful photos and little treasures. I'm always sharing things from her blog (even this post) so check her out! shes awesome!

ive seen this diary from frankie's all around the blog world and was finally like "okay whats up with this thing?" well its adorable and awesome! thats what! i want to make one of my own!

I want everything in this room. Especially the owl letter holder and comforter.

and maybe these curtains too. lol

this owl picture frame is adorable.

yay for the weekend! no plans, but its exciting.


  1. These are cute little finds! I am finding that new blog inspiring as well!! bravo!

  2. keep up with her blog. its so motivating and puts me in that mood to to dream. love it