wednesday wishes

today is a strokes kind of day...

hanging tonnnnnnns of clothes.
then venturing to the salvation army today. i have to admit i am super duper excited. ive never been to this one before!

so for wednesday wishes..

now that im figuring out how to work with all this space im realizing the things that i would like to have!

Clickstart My Heart

pretty flowers for the yard!


its not a must, but i think an old piano would look absolutely perfect in my living/dining area. =) conrad would have a ball!

my last wish, is to get my office fixed up super awesome. im dreaming about it already.

When I have an Art Attack

tata for now folks.

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  1. love these ideas! I'm moving in a couple of months and am sooo stoked to start designing too. i'm really into simple modern design though, so i like that design of that white and blue office more so than the quirkiness of the third office - but it is super cute though!

    have fun designing your new home!