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as promised, i wanted to give you a little sneak peak at our new house. im having a hard time finding the right place for things and getting settled in because im not accustomed to all this space lol! so its going to be a while before its going to be really "us", but we've got some GREAT ideas.

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here's my new lovely desk courtesy of my mom in law. my office has all wood paneled walls which i love. and the cutest old long windows that you have to turn a crank to open. i guess technically this room was designed to be a dining room or den because it has a built in buffet which is homing my books and nate's star wars memorabilia nicely lol.

Photo 351

and the view from my kitchen sink. my owl salt shakers have a home!

Photo 354

Photo 342

also, when we moved in this old school video game was in the house! we thought it was broken but nate figured out how to fix it and now it works! it so much fun! plus it also serves as a table when not in use!

Photo 328

my lovely pink sideboard with our first coat of blue paint for the kitchen.

well thats all for now. im ready to have this place finished! ta ta folks.

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