fetish friday.

this entire outfit from Little House Clothing is drool worthy, but im especially in love with the hair.

these plates! omg.

i was really happy when i saw allister ann's blog post about stanley kubrik. im a huge fan of his films and i wasnt aware of his photography days. his stuff is epic.

im excited because i get to spend the day with my best friend who i havent seen in a while. its welllll overdue. i see a picnic in the works possibly. its a lovely day for one. long weekend ahead, celebrating my fathers birthday. im excited about a mini getaway next weekend to arkansas to explore and thrift! there's nothing i love more than going to a new place and just exploring around with no time constraints or responsibilities. =) im one happy gal. have a wonderful weekend everyone.

ta ta


  1. that jacket she is wearing is awesome, love it with the red buttons :)


  2. I've totally had my eye on that sweater from Little House for a bit now! Good taste :)

  3. isnt that an awesome color combo? loooovvve it.