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Halloween is close!!! and so is my 21st birthday! we've got big plans and my mind has been racing and imagining all week so far. ive got a ton of projects and things ive been working on that im excited to share. Like above, conrad and i decided to gather some sticks out of the yard and painted them halloween and fall colors! such an easy way to add some festivity to the house! we have nicknamed it the "Tim Burton Tree". I'm sure you could make a really easy simple wreath the same way! I also have a blog that I have been working on with my sister in law for her cake making business. she is fantastic and once it is up and running I can't wait to share it with you!

i managed to gather a few great little treasures over the past few weeks that id like to share as well. =)

Photo 413

conrads new bomber jacket! i scored this for $5!! its a bit big right now, but at least he can wear it forever. its adorable. his daddy had one just like it!

Photo 417

this camera! its an old minolta. shes a beauty. i cant wait to get some film and figure out how to get batteries for it.



meet lou 2. (the white one) a few years back my best friend hit the owl motherload at an antique store in dallas for my birthday. (isnt my best friend the best?). she gave me Lou 1. well this past weekend nate stumbled upon this little guy. We noticed it was signed Lou just like the first and HAD to buy it and figure out where they were from. this one had a business card on the back. apparently it was a little studio in Garland TX that made these in the 70's and you can still get custom orders done today! sweeetness. it was so exciting!

its almost the weekend! woo!
ta ta for now.

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