wednesday wishes.

I hope to switch over to cingular and get an iPhone very very soon.

I want this bed for Conrad now that he’s a big boy. =)

I want a new digital camera since I broke my old one.

An inspirational workspace to paint, draw, doodle and dream. This one is a dream!

Chrysti's Studio

A new sewing machine.

I want my car fixed.

Last but not least, I want to go on a mini trip before school starts. Maybe Austin or somewhere out of state but close. Possibly Oklahoma… I hear there’s a whole highway of nothing but flea markets and thrift stores… hmmm.. maybe Austin & Oklahoma!

All of the above will hopefully be accomplished in the next month or two. How exciting. =) The past few days haven’t been very eventful. I’ve just been brainstorming conrad’s birthday party more and more and finishing up the invitations. I’m going to be a little dinosaured out once this is all said and done. Hope everyone is having a lovely week! Ta ta

Kat Ann


  1. seems like we have a lot of the same wishes :)
    im fixing to graduate and i wanna go on a trip so bad. and i need a new phone BAD. just one that works would be fine :) cant wait to see birthday party pics

  2. That studio is amazing! What a dream! Great bed... perfect for building forts :)