busy momma.

More often then not I get down because I don't feel like I've accomplished much other than doing the dishes and keeping my kiddo fed, but this weekend I can honestly say I've been a busy bee. I finished a painting that I think I'm going to end up cutting out and placing on cardboard:

Photo 197

Completely carved a stamp for Conrad's birthday invitation. I accidentally got a linoleum block instead of a rubber one and that was fun. not. haha. but it was a fun experience and I'm excited to make more, but definitely going with rubber til I get better at it! I'll eventually post a tutorial once I know a bit more about it. It's so much fun printing! I can't wait to learn to screen print! *drool*

Speaking of "drool" and screen printing, THE DAINTY SQUID & DEADWORRY are doing an AWESOME giveaway! Deadworry's t shirts are absolutely amazing. I think my favorite is owlopus.

haha. What could be better than an owl and an octopus hybrid??? C'mon! Anyways tonight shall be full of lots of baking! I really love Kayla from Dainty Squid's method of using gel food coloring to spruce cakes and things up so I think I'm going to try that!

Plus I have my new dinosaur cookie cutters to test out! Expect tons of pictures! Hope everyone is having a safe awesome weekend! Take care!

Kat Ann


  1. yo yo yo!!! I made my son a "rainbow" cake for his 4th bday this year and it was a huge hit!! So easy and fun!! I also was going to tell you about "camouflage" cake....i thought it would be cute for a dino themed party. anywho....i am in the works of painting a picture for you...i wanted to cheer u up when u said you had some personal issues and all but u seem to be in the up and up. PS it really resembles the old house you just painted! LOL

  2. I HATE carving linoleum! Your painting is pretty freakin' great!

  3. Aww thanks everyone! and that is so sweet of you April! I can't wait to see it! Everything is resolved now, but things got a little bumpy as they tend to do! Luckily my sister in law is an AMAZING cake maker so hopefully she can hook me up with a dinosaur cake!