wednesday wishes & update

It's been over a week (gah!) since I've updated. Lack of time/internet/motivation to go find wifi... you get the story. ANYWAYS I've had a few great adventures since then that I'll be sharing as soon as I get the pictures! (Hint: awesome picnic, lots of goodies given to me by my awesome mother-in-law, and lots of Squid cuteness and birthday decorations. )

Conrad's birthday is in about 2 weeks I'm just about ready to hyperventilate because I have done much else other than plan and dream about it so I better get started! He has also learned to use the big boy potty! So proud of him! Reward a kid with gummy worms and he'll just about anything you want haha. Shh! I didn't say that.

I have to thank God because a lot of wonderful things have come our way lately. A lot of our problems that I had been worrying over have been solved. I feel as though I've had a billion pounds lifted from my shoulders! Thanks God for looking out for us like you always do! He also dropped a brand spanking new king size orthopedic bed on us! Still in the plastic! It's got the memory foam type stuff. We were throwing elbows in the middle of the night in our full size. lol I cant tell you guys how comfortably I've slept since getting it. It's been AMAZING! Which reminds me...

A quick Wednesday wishes:

A new duvet cover and sheets for the new bed! I'd love to have a beautiful one like this from urban outfitters. Our bedroom hasn't really felt like "ours" since moving into the apartment. This bed is making it finally feel like my own.

These cute mustache mugs. I'd like to buy, but I feel a project just coming on. Why not?

Also I think I'd like to have bright yellow in my hair. lol

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