im a dreamer.

Rocky Driftwood Lighthouse

i think my best friend is slowly talking me into moving to portland.

i changed my mind yet again. because that's what i do. You know that whole "i enjoy planning and dreaming about things more than actually doing them" thing? yeah that's me to a T. (apparently i'm too lazy to hit the shift key as well.) i've decided to just enroll into a local community college for the next semester or two instead of racking up more debt at a trade school. once i get those basics out of the way im going to go to texas a&m commerce to finish up. they have a pretty rad art/design program. im impressed. i'd rather do the work i want and slowly get my education for nearly free than be 40k in the hole and not have the time to work now. i dont really need the education so much as i need the degree. art and design is so self taught or natural. anyways, this will give me much needed time and freedom to get my shop open and be the procrastinating little fool that i am. =) A few awesome treasures:

1.) a while back the best friend and i got matching mushroom mugs! b.) my wonderful sister in law rachel informed me these little jewels were at the corner thrift store. theyll be perfect for conrads birthday! YAY for dinosaur cookie cutters!

let me just say that the way that God works is absolutely amazing. HE places us in the locations and around the people that He wants us around. every place and person we meet serves a purpose in our journey on this planet. every experience teaches us a lesson for life and ultimately helps us to grow into the person God wants us to be. i look around outside and see so much beauty that i cannot NOT believe. life is good and life is beautiful. all is full of love and hope and creation.

i need a new camera and phone. blah me for being such a clutz. i manged to break my phone and camera all in a few short weeks. hopefully ill have a phone by the end of the weekend and ill have to be patient on the camera. ive gotta make conrads birthday invitations this weekend and get them out asap. ive gotta make headbands and hair clips and ship some items off. ive gotta finish that painting that is staring at me from the table and make me feel awkward lol. can you tell i've had too much coffee today? anyways im off to finish this spain/germany game. GO SPAIN! Gotta root for the homeland! Here's a peak at the picture im working on:

Photo 134

ALSO, i cant remember for the life of me who i heard about this documentary from but it seriously inspired me to coop myself up in my room and paint for days it was so inspiring. it's a documentary called Beautiful Losers and it's about how influential these artists from the early 90's are/were. so amazing. please watch. if you have netflix you can watch it instantly. :) p.s. it has a great soundtrack.


  1. I am exactly the same way... love to plan plan plan but have a hard time actually getting myself to do things.

    Love where that painting is heading, can't wait to see it finished.

  2. today i was thinking about moving to portland. how funny :)
    and your pic looks great so far!

  3. thanks guys. i was getting kind of tired with it and considering not finishing but you talked me into it haha