Meet Squid.

Happy sunday world! I love sundays because they're lazy and full of coffee.
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Sorry for the lack of updates I've been busy and distracted. =)
The new addition:


Meet Squid!

Party invitations are out! My first attempt at stamp making with linoleum. It took long enough but I got the grungy look I wanted eventually.

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We've been trying to get our car fixed and its nearly done so i'll be mobile again haha. I've been a crochetin fool lately making lots of headbands and berets and what not to try and stock up for opening my etsy store sometime in the near future. I'll have a sneak peak of those soon! but i'll worry about that when the dinosaur madness is over. =) hope everyone's been well! I'm working on another house piece but this time I'll be sticking to my "pen and ink" media. =) we had a fun night celebrating a friends birthday last night... their kiddos are the best. Conrad has so much fun hanging out with them.


I also have to show this awesome little VW Beatle that my best friend brought back from Costa Rica for us! It'll go awesome next to my little bus! She knows me all too well haha.

Photo 223

Tootaloo until next time folks. I promise to try and update more soon!


  1. the kitty is making a scary face!
    those cards are super cute!!! cant wait to see more :)

  2. love the fun colors of your blog.