fetish friday.

i dont really have a set blog schedule or anything but ive been binging on a lot of things lately so i figured doing "fetish friday" every now and then would be a good opportunity to further prove how absorbed i am in something haha. i'm traveling back to my high school days and reliving my crush on the white stripes. they're wonderful, hence the song. also i adore kooky people. =)

this week (like many other weeks) im binging on Cillian Murphy, one of my favorite actors. Besides being incredibly,ridiculously, insanely handsome, he is an AMAZING actor. I first saw him in the awesome zombie movie 28 Days Later, and it was "love" at first sight haha. Since then he's been in many great movies like The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Red Eye, and my personal favorites Sunshine, Peacock and The Edge of Love. so i tip my hat you my favorite irish artist.

a few other obsessions right now:
-the color orange
-crazy shelves

-photobooths (especially homemade ones like this one at craftzine!)

I definitely plan on making my own photobooth AND an entertainment center like that. how awesome.

busy weekend of birthday planning, baking and hopefully making a few decorations and getting invitations out. the best friend is back from costa rica and im excited to get together with her and hear all about it. we plan on lots of baking and testing out the new dinosaur cookie cutters. everyone have a lovely weekend. happy treasure hunting!

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