last week we .....#4

last week we...

1// we got a new kitty which conrad has named Nini. (nee-nee).
2// we did lots of bike riding because my sweet man bought me a new bike. my old one got left behind at my old house and began to deteriorate somehow by the time I could get it.
3//  watched men in black 3 and it was awesome. I'm a huge fan of Will Smith. Don't know what it is about his movies but they're always so good. I'm a fan from the Fresh Prince days. =)
4//  I did some INTENSE resume/portfolio work in hopes of landing a new job soon! *fingers crossed*
5// drank lots of iced tea and had lunch on the back porch. Unfortunately the wind blew my table over today and shatter the glass top on tuesday. =(
6// lots of water sprinkler fun.
7// picked some yummy veggies out of my parents garden,
8//  Conrad had some memorial day fun on the boat at my parents, while sadly I had to work all weekend. boo!


  1. Your cat is really rally sweet ;) There once went a boy in my class who was called Nini :D

  2. What a cute kitty! We saw MIB last night: I was ind of worried, because usually I don't like sequels at all. It was an awesome movie! And we got to see it in 3d, which was really cool.

  3. we watched it in 3D too and I really liked it! Actually, I almost cried... not gonna lie haha =)