pretty things.

Here's an inspiration dump for this week.
I'm inspired by so much lately and feel like nothing can stop me or keep me from creating.
yay for that feeling. Forgive me for not having my credits for this post...
I found these beauties in my inspiration folder that I go to when I'm brainstorming.
several of these images i found via maidaes's blog.

Tomorrow I will simply not know what to do with myself. Conrad is with his dad's side of
the family until tomorrow evening and my boyfriend works at 2. I simply do not know
how to cope with that kind of alone time. haha. I really need to get my workspace together
as well as finish up tweaking a few things with my portfolio and my blog. I'm thinking
an adventure to the city sounds like a plan though. I've been dying to explore some new
 fresh thrift stores. If only I could take you people from blog land with me!!

What do you do when you are absolutely FREE? nap? read a book?

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?

ta ta for now guys.

kat ann

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