letters to art: blogging

I suppose at some point in time many bloggers consider throwing in the towel for whatever reason, whether it be not having time, not having a clear purpose ad your blog flopping, getting burned out on it or maybe you've even quit because it didn't become what you wanted or go where you wanted. I've had a lot of life changes in the past year that have pushed me to almost quit... I've certainly stopped blogging for months at a time but I've always returned because of that certain level of comfort and release you get from blogging.

I've been too mouthy about the details of my personal life here lately but I got divorced, I moved twice and am finally in a place where I feel settled, comfortable and inspired again. I have an amazing new boyfriend... I have a house that I feel completely at home in. Now I feel its time to really get going on this path that God has blessed me with. I have all the tools I need to succeed. I feel more and more inspired every day to continue blogging and it has truly been therapeutic to continue writing through all the madness. I suppose if anything has remained stable it has been how I feel about sitting down and blogging and getting inspired through others blogs. So thank you blog world!

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