rainy day dates

So its almost June and it is FREEZING and rainy today in Texas. =) This is EXACTLY my kind of day.  I'm excited for many reasons, one being that I can wear this sweater that I bought on the Target clearance for $4.98.  It's a fact that anything mustard yellow I buy haha. =)

Second reason being, this is a perfect kind of day to spend curled up watching a tv show marathon... my personal choice for today is Mad Men. No seriously... I felt completely out of the loop when I discovered this show a four seasons in but I'm HOOKED. I've been watching on netflix for probably a few weeks straight now. It's design, drama, and I think one of the most beautiful eras in American history for design, fashion and culture. *SWOON over those dresses and the architecture and home decor. To sum it up, it's set in the early 1960's in New York with the focus on a talented Ad Agency and one of it's most talented executives Don Draper.

Third reason today is such a great day, my boys are taking me on a date.... by date I mean we are taking Conrad to watch a movie. =) At least this movie is one I want to see more than he does!  I've got lots to catch up on here for this weeks "Last week we".. so stay tuned =)

ta ta

kat ann

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