summer goals

Summer To Do List 2012

1. mini road trip with the best friend to New Orleans
2. two week vacation with my boyfrend and conrad. ahhh yes!
3. go to six flags and the water park at least 1x
4. have blog/business rebranding complete (almost there)
5. go camping 
6. watch a meteor shower. so excited!!
7. throw a fantastic bbq/birthday party for conrad
8. mini trip to arkansas and oklahoma for nature and thrifting!
9. stop at every carnival/fair i see.

i feel like this list will continue to grow so stay tuned. =) Even though I know this summer will be insanely busy with two college semesters in 9 weeks, i have VOWED to allow as much fun, exploration and magical moments as possible.

do you have any special plans for this summer? or even things you just WISH you could do?

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